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UFC 194: Luke Rockhold Plans to “Roll The Division”, be Chris Weidman’s “Big Brother”

Luke Rockhold

While Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo’s rivalry continues to grab headlines, heading into UFC 194, Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman aren’t exactly shying away from the trash talk either.

Before the two were actually booked to fight on December 12th, the middleweights were already tossing verbal jabs each other’s way, and things have stepped up a notch in this respect more recently. Case in point, Rockhold has already argued that Weidman is “asleep in bed”, when he’s opined that the contender is in fact intimidated by him. The champ has also argued that he’s better in all areas than Rockhold, to which, not surprisingly, the challenger has scoffed at.

Recently Rockhold spoke to MMA about the upcoming fight, and while doing so, he had this to say:

“Me and Weidman are above the rest (of the middleweight division), and I think I’m going to be like his big brother for his whole career after this fight,” Rockhold said. “He’s going to be JV, I’m going to be varsity. I’m going to freakin’ roll the division. That’s the way I see it … get more chicks, West Coast vs. East Coast, (we’re) always going to reign above. What can I say?”

“I don’t see what Weidman is going to bring to the table that I don’t see every day on a higher level,” Rockhold added. “Cain is a much better wrestler. ‘DC’ is far beyond anything you’re going to see in the sport, wrestling-wise. Athletically, and speed, he’s going to bring all that and more than Weidman can…”

How about that? Getting the whole east coast / west coast thing going?

It’s an interesting point about the wrestling aspect, although, Weidman fans would likely argue that how things unfold in the gym, and in the cage, aren’t always the same. It’s also going to be fascinating to see at what point Weidman looks to take it down. The consensus is that the “All American” will try to go that route at some point. Weidman’s striking certainly isn’t anything to sleep on, but Rockhold is a ridiculously talented and agile striker, so that may be the champ’s clearest path to victory.

UFC 194 will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 12th in Las Vegas.


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