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Nick Diaz Calls Ronda Rousey a “Great Friend” For Speaking Out on Suspension

Nick Diaz

Ronda Rousey recently spoke out regarding the five years suspension Nick Diaz has been handed, and the latter is understandably very thankful for her support.

Not long after the Nevada Commission shocked the MMA world by announcing Diaz had been handed the lengthy suspension, Rousey said the ruling was “unfair”. The UFC’s bantamweight champ also argued that fighters should not be tested for marijuana, since it doesn’t put other fighters at risk, unlike steroids.

Well, recently TMZ caught up with Diaz, and here is some of what he had to say about Rousey’s comments.

“She didn’t need to do that. I don’t know if she caught heat for it … I hope she didn’t. But Ronda understands how I am. She’s like me, only a girl. A prize fighter. She’s a great friend.”

Rousey and Diaz have trained in the past, so in that sense, it wasn’t surprising to see the champ rally to his defense. But, when you consider how big of a star she’s become, and the fact that Rousey has no ¬†shortage of endorsements, she did take a risk by relaying what she did (thus why Diaz is so grateful).

Diaz was also asked about his future, and the 32 year-old offered this response.

“I’ve been hearing other states’ athletic commissions are angry about the ruling, so hopefully I’ll be able to fight in those states.”

Interesting. Typically, commissions back up each other’s disciplinary actions, and don’t allow a fighter who is suspended in one jurisdiction to compete in theirs. But, you never know. Maybe some commissions do believe what the NSAC did is unjust, and will offer Diaz a chance to fight, in say, another year or so?


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