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CM Punk’s UFC Debut Pushed Back Due to Injury

CM Punk

It was pretty clear that CM Punk wouldn’t make his UFC debut before the year was out, and now the pro-wrestling star’s training for it has been sidelined due to injury.

Punk’s head coach, Duke Roufus, recently spoke with and reported that the aspiring fighter has incurred a shoulder injury. Roufus described the injury as a “tweak”, and relayed that Punk is meeting with his doctor in a week and could resume training soon.

The veteran coach and Roufusport founder also had this to say about Punk:

“He got caught in a scramble, so right now he’s taking a little time off,” Roufus said. “He was doing great before that. His progress has been good. He’s got a great attitude and he’s a hard worker. He got a place in Milwaukee where he lives all week when he’s here training, so he’s in it to win it.

“Our biggest thing is we want him to 101 percent before [we resuming training]. We don’t have a hard date for his fight to force the issue, so making sure he’s completely healthy is possible.”

Roufus has repeatedly sung the praises of Punk, since he joined the Milwaukee based gym at the beginning of the year. Initially, it was announced that Punk would make his UFC debut before 2015 came to an end, but Roufus has said he wants to train the 36 year-old for a year, before he books his first bout.

In the aforementioned interview, Roufus added that he believes Punk is “50%” ready to make his debut. He also added that he believes Punk will book his first pro bout in the next six to ten months.


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