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The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 1 Recap

Caution: Spoilers Included

Continue reading for a complete recap of the debut episode of The Ultimate Fighter 6: Team Hughes¬† vs. Team Serra…The debut episode of the sixth season of The Ultimate Fighter started as most expected with Matt Serra and Matt Hughes already locking horns with one another. Shortly afterwards the fighters arrive and after a brief, profanity-laced welcome the fighters get to work showing the coaches their skills. White returns several hours later and the fighters assemble for a coin flip to determine who will pick first. Matt Serra wins and opts to choose the first fighter, his student Joe Scarola. The pick was not without controversy as Hughes had convinced his opposition that he would pick Scarola even though he had no intentions of doing so. The picks continued until every fighter was selected. The teams are:

Team Serra

  • Joe Scarola
  • George Sotiropoulos
  • Matt Arroyo
  • John Kolosci
  • Ben Saunders
  • Roman Mitichyan (Injury)
  • Troy Mandaloniz
  • Richie Hightower
  • Jon Koppenhaver

Team Hughes

  • Dan Barrera
  • Mac Danzig
  • Tommy Speer
  • Billy Miles
  • Jared Rollins
  • Paul Georgieff
  • Dorian Price
  • Blake Bowman

After the picks are completed it is reveled that Roman Mitichyan had suffered an elbow injury during the early workouts. A trip to the doctor revealed the fighter had suffered a fracture in his arm and would not be able to compete on the series. Dana White informed his coach, Matt Serra, that he would be sent home and a replacement would be brought in. Jon Koppenhaver was called to fill the spot and immediately joined the team.

Team Hughes had the opportunity to pick the first fight and picked Joe Scarola to face Mac Danzig. As soon as the fight was announced Scarola’s demeanor changed, seemingly conceding the loss before stepping into the octagon.

Danzig controlled the first round early on first from the feet then on the ground. Scarola was able to reverse and gain top position later in the round but did little from there.  Danzig eventually saw his opening as the final seconds of the round ticked down and locked in a triangle choke. The submission force Scarola to tap with just 6-seconds remains in round number one. The win moves Danzig into the quarterfinals.

Next week it will be Team Serra getting the fight selection as another fighter will be eliminated and another will move on to The Ultimate Fighter 6 quarterfinals.


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