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Urijah Faber Weighs-In on Departure of TJ Dillashaw, Says Latter Not Welcome to Train With TAM

Urijah Faber

It’s been a few days now since it was announced that TJ Dillashaw has decided to leave Team Alpha Male to train with the Elevation Fight Team, and clearly the dust hasn’t settled regarding his decision.

After it was confirmed that Dillashaw is headed to Colorado, and will also do some training with TAM’s former coach, Duane Ludwig, the bantamweight star said he still considers the team family. He also relayed that a key factor in his decision to leave the Sacramento gym, is because the Elevation Fight Team is going to pay him to train there.

TAM’s founder, Urijah Faber, recently appeared on the Stud Show Radio podcast, and not surprisingly, he opened up about Dillashaw’s departure. According to a follow up report from MMA, Faber dismissed the idea that Dillashaw is going to benefit greatly financially from making the move, and argued that the champ cares about the team, but ultimately is “about number one”.

Dillashaw also said that he’d like to train periodically with TAM moving forward, but on that subject, Faber said this:

“When you have a family environment, you have people that have different little issues. T.J.’s thing has been that he has a bad temper and he hurts people in practice and does stuff. He’s got a temper and doesn’t hold back sometimes,” Faber notes.

“I’m like, ‘It doesn’t make sense for you to come in and spar with our guys,'” Faber said.

So, clearly it looks like this situation could get somewhat nasty moving forward. Faber did say that he’s open to maintaining a friendship with Dillashaw, but also argued a “great friend” wouldn’t do “some of the things he’s done recently.” How about that?

 Dillashaw-Faber in 2016? If Dillashaw gets by Dominick Cruz on January 17th? Or even if he doesn’t?


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