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Brian Stann Outlines Why TJ Dillashaw Made “Right Decision” to Leave TAM

TJ Dillashaw

While the debate continues over TJ Dillashaw’s decision to leave Team Alpha Male and head to the Elevation Fight Team in Colorado, Brian Stann believes the bantamweight champ has made the right move…

Last week, Dillashaw announced that he’s moving his camp to the Denver region, in a move many┬ápeople predicted. Dillashaw has continued to train with Duane Ludwig, even though he’s feuded publicly with TAM founder Urijah Faber, following his departure from the team. Ludwig isn’t part of the Elevation Fight Team, but he does have a gym in Broomfield.

Since Dillashaw announced the news, he’s also revealed that the Elevation Fight Team is going to pay him to train there. He’s also said he hopes to train with TAM in the future, although Faber has apparently closed the door on that.

Well, recently Stann appeared on the Sirius XM Fight Club show, and while discussing Dillashaw’s decision, he said this (quote via Bloody

“I think that TJ’s making the right decision, and here’s why, first and foremost in this sport you’ve got to be selfish,” Stann said. “It is something that held me back a little bit in my career and at the end of the day this is about how much money you can make over the longest period of time you can do it. If TJ Dillashaw feels like that is the better environment for him to go to and make as much money as he can and maximizes opportunities then he’s got to do it, whether it hurts some friend’s feelings or not. His family and paying his bills to take care of his family come first, ahead of all else.”

While it remains to be seen if the move benefits Dillashaw in the long run, as he is leaving one of the best teams on planet earth, it’s hard to disagree with Stann. It’s hard to fault any fighter who wants to capitalize on any opportunity that’s offered them–this isn’t a sport where most guys compete for 10-15 years and walk away as multi-millionaires.

Dillashaw is scheduled to fight former champ Dominick Cruz on January 17th. If he loses, the whole ‘should he have left TAM’ debate will definitely blow up once again.


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