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Johny Hendricks Says Heavy Diet of Deer Meat Led to UFC 192 Weight Cutting Disaster

Kelsey Mowatt

Johny Hendricks

There’s been a lot of debate about what led to Johny Hendricks’ disastrous weight cut prior to UFC 192, and according to the former welterweight champ, it wasn’t because his weight got out of hand prior to camp…

Hendricks was forced to withdraw from a pivotal fight with Tyron Woodley earlier this month, just one day prior to the October 3rd card. “Bigg Rigg” incurred a kidney stone as well as an intestinal blockage while cutting weight, and had to head to the emergency room for an IV.

Since Hendricks has had trouble making weight in the past, the decorated wrestler took a lot of heat for what went down. Dana White has said he believes Hendricks’ run at 170 is over, and his former nutritionist, Mike Dolce, has called on the fighter to live a “healthy lifestlye” in between fights.

Hendricks appeared on the latest “MMA Hour” on Monday, however, and said he was down to 189 three weeks out from the fights. As a result, the 32 year-old thought he was well on his way to making 170.

But, according to Hendricks, as fight date neared, he started having issues cutting the extra weight. The heavy handed fighter also relayed the following (quote via MMA

“That’s what sucks more than anything, is that you work so hard to showcase what you have, and all of a sudden the diet that we were on backfires,” Hendricks said. “Which sucks, but I’ve learned after we did this, we did a lot of research, and I was eating a lot of deer meat and a lot of high-protein animal protein, which, that’s the leading cause of kidney stones and your intestines failing you.

“I had no idea, because I usually eat a lot of fish and a lot of chicken. I wanted to eat more protein, a lot of cleaner protein, so we focused more on that and it ended up backfiring” added Hendricks. “I think that if I would’ve eaten more chicken and salmon, I wouldn’t have been in this situation.”

How about that? Based off what Hendricks is saying here, clearly it doesn’t sound like he intends to abandon fighting at 170. Hendricks also said that his weight cut to fight Matt Brown this past March was the easiest he’s had.

Now sure, critics will argue Hendricks and his team should have looked into how eating lots of venison might affect his body, but it sounds like the fighter’s learned his lesson.


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