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UFC FN 76: Joseph Duffy Doesn’t “Feel Any Pressure Whatsoever” Despite Main Event Slot

Joseph Duffy

Joseph Duffy may be booked for a main event in just his third UFC fight, and in his native Ireland, but the lightweight says nerves won’t be an issue on October 24th.

Duffy will battle Dustin Poirier in the headliner of UFC Fight Night 76 next Saturday, which will go down at Dublin’s 3Arena. Since the 27 year-old arrived in the UFC earlier this year, Duffy has lived up to his hype by taking out Jake Lindsey and Ivan Jorge. As a result, he’s been handed this big opportunity at the same juncture Ireland’s Conor McGregor was.

Recently “Irish Joe” spoke with MMA , and while discussing the upcoming and pivotal fight, Duffy said this:

“I don’t feel any pressure whatsoever,” Duffy said. “With the fight, being the main event – none of that gets to me and I don’t look too much into it. Really, it’s just an idea that people put in their head. It doesn’t change anything. I’m still going to go out there and fight the same fight I’ve been training for. None of these factors play a part…”

Duffy also added that he’s trained for five round fights in the past, he’s ready to go for 25 minutes and that “things will go well”. Sure, fighters typically don’t admit if they’re all nerves for an upcoming bout, but Duffy does seem to be handling all this pretty well.

As he also noted in the interview, Duffy fought in the co-headliner at UFC FN 72, so it’s not like he’s been bumped from the prelims straight into the main event.

It’s an interesting match-up, especially since Poirier is coming off consecutive, stoppage wins since he moved up from featherweight.


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