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Donald Cerrone Says Conor McGregor’s Lucky he Didn’t Get “Mauled” After Poking The Bear

Donald Cerrone

Conor McGregor dropped plenty of jaws by taking verbal shots at several UFC stars during the “Go Big” presser, and Donald Cerrone says “Notorious” is lucky he didn’t get “mauled”.

If you recall, during the September event, McGregor repeated his plans to move to the lightweight division, and argued he could take out both the champ Rafael dos Anjos and Cerrone. McGregor’s comments quickly made headlines, and Nate Diaz even argued that RDA and Cerrone got “punked” at the event.

Well, recently Cerrone spoke with the Orlando Sentinel, as his December 19th bout with RDA will take place in the Florida city. While talking about his faceoff with dos Anjos at the “Go Big” event, “Cowboy” had this to say about Mr. McGregor (comments via MMA

“That was ‘McNugget’ trying to talk to me,” Cerrrone said. “When we stood face-to-face prior to that? He had nothing to say. I felt like I was an exhibit at the zoo and the cage was put up so he could poke the bear through the cage. When he was standing next to the bear he didn’t have anything to say. That’s what it felt like. I would have mauled his ass back there.”

“McNugget” huh? That might be a new one. It’s interesting to hear Cerrone’s take on what took place backstage, as Jose Aldo recently relayed he had a similar interaction with McGregor, when he showed up on the set of TUF 22. Of course, McGregor  likely has a different take on what went down. Further,  McGregor likely turns the brashness up a notch when the cameras and mics are on.

In the meantime, McGregor will throw down with Aldo on December 12th at UFC 194, but hopefully at some point, Cerrone and the Irish star will square off. That’s a fight a lot of folks would like to see.


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