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UFC 76 Live Results

“UFC 76: Knockout” is now in the past and was the place to be for live quick results, round-by-round coverage, and discussion with other fight fans.

The event was headlined by a light heavyweight main event between contenders Keith Jardine and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell. Top welterweights Jon Fitch and Diego Sanchez also dueled on the main card, joined by the UFC-debut of PRIDE veteran Mauricio “Shogun” Rua who faced The Ultimate Fighter 1 champion Forrest Griffin. The main card also featured a bout between Kazuhiro Nakamura and Lyoto Machida and a lightweight showdown featuring Tyson Griffin taking on Thiago Tavares.

Undercard bouts were Anthony Johnson vs. Rich Clementi, Matt Wiman vs. Michihiro Omigawa, Scott Junk vs. Christian Wellisch, and Jeremy Stephens vs. Diego Saraiva.

For news, results, and commentary on UFC 76 please continue reading…

Quick Results

  • Keith Jardine def. Chuck Liddell via split decision
  • Forrest Griffin def. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua via submission – Round 3, 4:45
  • Jon Fitch def. Diego Sanchez via split decision
  • Lyoto Machida def. Kazuhiro Nakamura via unanimous decision
  • Tyson Griffin def. Thiago Tavares via unanimous decision
  • Rich Clementi def. Anthony Johnson via submission – Round 2, 3:05
  • Jeremy Stephens def. Diego Saraiva via unanimous decision
  • Christian Wellisch def. Scott Junk via submission – Round 1, 3:19
  • Matt Wiman def. Michihiro Omigawa via unanimous decision


  • The UFC has publicly confirmed on the broadcast that Wanderlei Silva will be fighting Chuck Liddell at UFC 79 in December should Chuck defeat Keith Jardine in the UFC 76 main event.
  • UFC 78 was announced officially for the first time during the broadcast tonight. It will be entitled “UFC 78: Validation”. No fights were announced for the event but tickets will be going on sale soon.

Round-by-Round Coverage

Keith Jardine def. Chuck Liddell via split decision

Round 1: Jardine strikes first with several solid leg kicks and a solid left hook. Chuck sneaks in a few punches to the head on the kick attempts. Liddell scores several more hard shots but Jardine weathers them for now. Hard leg kick by Jardine but Chuck counters with another punch. Liddell misses on an overhand right and Keith gets another leg kick. Liddell connects with a jab. Jardine turns it up with several solid punches one of which gets Liddell in the eye but he appears to be okay. Jardine goes for a high kick which Chuck dodges and then unleashes a kick of his own. Nice uppercut from Chuck and an overhand from Jardine. Liddell pushes the action with several punches of his own followed by a kick. Jardine lands another kick as the horn sounds. A close 10-9 round for Liddell.

Round 2: Jab from Liddell to open the round. Jardine misses and overhand right but connects with a left jab. Chuck connects but Jardine scores a good kick. Jardine connects and Liddell goes down but quickly returns to his feet. Jardine connects with yet another kick to Liddell’s body. The kicks continue while Chuck counters with several hard shots that just miss. Another leg kick for Jardine who is now bleeding. Chuck throws a kick of his own. Jardine comes close and Liddell connects with a shot that appears to stun Jardine. The offense continues for The Iceman who lands a knee to Jardine’s head followed by a spinning backfist. The back and fourth battle continues as do the hard leg and body kicks from Jardine. Another close round but this one is one is 10-9 in favor of Jardine.

Round 3: Another leg kick by Jardine to open the left round but Liddell lands a counter. Chuck looks to tee off but is unable to fully land his punches. Jardine continues to rack up points with kicks though they don’t seem to be affecting Liddell’s game plan. Liddell scores several body shots and a stiff left jab that just misses. Liddell cranks it up with more haymakers that miss. Chuck gets a straight jab on Jardine’s chin. Jardine hits a body kick, left hook combo followed up by a stiff right. He connects with another pair of hard shots to Chuck. Chuck connects on a right to the body followed by another. Chuck turns it up late in the round with a flurry that appears to be too little, too late for the former champion.

Keith Jardine is awarded a split decision victory over Chuck Liddell with two cards of 29-28 in his favor and a 29-28 card for Liddell.

Forrest Griffin def. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua via submission – Round 3, 4:45

Round 1: Solid kick for Forrest to start the round. Rua shoots in and Forrest defends well sprawling to start then transitioning to attempt to take Rua’s back. The go back to their feet and trade blows until Rua gets a takedown and quickly moves to half guard. Shogun attempts to ground and pound but Forrest controls the attempts by controlling Rua’s wrists. Shogun stands looking to gain an advantage but the wrist control limits Rua’s effectiveness. Forrest closes his guard before working up to his feet and they trade leg kicks. Rua is throwing hard but Forrest is able score a takedown. He tries to move to his back but ends up in guard where he quickly retreats back to his feet. They trade kicks and jabs again with Forrest seeming to get the better of the exchanges. Rua gets Forrest down momentarily but he immediately goes back to his feet. They go to the ground again and Rua is able to keep him there this time. Forrest pushes him away and move to the top and starts to ground and pound in the final seconds of the round. sees it 10-9 for Griffin.

Round 2: Forrest connects with an early right and some body shots. He is able to duck a hook from Rua but Shogun is able to take him down. Forrest looks to lock in a guillotine but’s not deep enough and Rua pulls out. Shogun starts to crank up the ground and pound but Forrest hops back to his feet and scores the takedown on Rua. Rua tries to escape and gives up his back momentarily but is able to scramble to his feet. Griffin stuffs a takedown and moves to take his back but they go back to their feet. Rua misses on consecutive attempts and is obviously tired throwing slow strikes leaving himself vulnerable. Rua shoots in what looks like a near-collapse from exhaustion but Griffin counters and takes the dominant position. He uses ground and pound from the top control but is unable to finish the bout. scores it another 10-9 round for Forrest.

Round 3: Griffin looks rejuvinated early in the final frame but it’s Rua who secures and early takedown. Forrest works for a triangle and armbar but cannot get either and closes his guard on Rua. Shogun releases body shots as Griffin is warned from grabbing the cage. Shogun is doing little from the top position but is likely gaining points on the scorecards. Griffin fights out and into an omoplata and then unleashes ground and pound from Rua’s back. Shogun continues to fight on despite the fatigue and can mount little offense. Griffin continues to be the aggressor taking Rua’s back yet again and unleashing more ground and pound and body shots. Griffin is in half guard as Rua covers up from the ground and pound. Griffin takes his back, flattens him out, and locks in a rear naked choke in the final seconds of the round to finish off Rua with a tapout submission.

Jon Fitch def. Diego Sanchez via split decision

Round 1: Sanchez charges at the bell and immediately goes for a takedown but Fitch defends and clinches before building some space and separating. Fitch unleashes a solid combo as Sanchez shoots in again and they clinch against the cage. Fitch throws knees to the body while Diego continues to push for the takedown but Fitch is stuffing the attempts early in the fight. They separate momentarily but Sanchez shoots in again and Fitch sprawls to the ground. He immediately pushes back and scores a takedown of his own on Sanchez who closes his guard. Fitch tries to pass guard but Diego goes for a triangle choke quickly followed by an armbar but Fitch is able to escape both of the attempts. Diego spins for another armbar but starts getting smashed by Fitch and moves to regain guard. scores the very close round 10-9 for Fitch.

Round 2: Sanchez shoots immediately for another takedown but Fitch reverses into Sanchez’s half guard. They pop up quickly and Sanchez scores a takedown. Fitch is able to keep Diego from passing uses his underhook to sprawl with hopes of getting back to his feet. He is able to pick Diego up over his head and reverses position. Fitch is able to take his back in the scramble but has just one hook in and is able to mount little offense from the dominant position. He works his leg into place but the Diego flips directly into Fitch’s guard. Jon is able to stand up and slam Diego back to the ground. Diego remains on Fitch’s back throwing shots to his body but it is quickly reveres and Fitch takes back the top position. Fitch starts to ground and pound being careful to avoid several submission attempts by Sanchez. scores the second round 10-9 for Fitch.

Round 3: Sanchez is much more timid in the opening moments of the final round as Fitch throws a solid kick and punch. They head to the ground and Sanchez locks in a deep guillotine but Fitch toughs it out giving the thumbs up several times to avoid an early stoppage and escapes the hold to move into Diego’s guard. Sanchez now looks for a kimura on Fitch but he frees his arm to maintain the top position. Fitch holds Diego to the ground late int he fight and continues with some ground and pound. He works to pass his guard but Sanchez is able to scramble and keep his position. Sanchez gets a triangle but Fitch rolls away. He tries it again but with the same result. The horn sounds and Jon Fitch will walk away with the judges’ decision.

The judges award a split decision victory for Jon Fitch with scores of 30-27 and 29-28 for Fitch and a 29-28 scorecard for Diego.

Lyoto Machida def. Kazuhiro Nakamura via unanimous decision

Round 1: The round is highlighted by several very crisp body kicks by Machida and the contrasting styles of the two fighters. Nakamura is unable to mount much offense, looking for judo throws but is unable to finish any of them. Machida dominates the round with ground and pound from Nakamura’s guard and takes round one 10-9.

Round 2: The round opens with a straight left by Machida to put Nakamura down. They go to the ground and Machida transitions to his back where he nearly finishes the bout with a rear naked choke but he is able to scramble away. Machida pins Nakamura to the fence in full mount and starts to ground and pound but Nakamura is able to scramble and return to his feet. They clinch against the fence and trade blows to the body but Nakamura is unable to get anything going as his attempted throws continue to be thwarted. They separate and Nakamura finally lands a solid shot to Machida but it is quickly countered with a leg kick and shot to the head by Machida. Nakamura finally takes Machida down in the final seconds of the second round and throws several solid elbows to finish out the round strong. scores it 10-9 for Machida.

Round 3:Nakamura opens up much wilder knowing his is losing on the scorecard. Despite the attempts nothing lands for either fighter and they clinch along the fence. Nakamura attempts another takedown but is stuffed but Machida is successful moments later in taking Nakamura to the ground. Machida works to transition out of the full guard and obtains full mount. He throws several solid ground and pound strikes but Nakamura escapes and they go back to their feet. They lock up and clinch on the fence again. Machida stuffs another attempts judo throw and knees Nakamura’s body. Both fighters look tired but Machida continues to pour it on late with body shots and knees. Nakamura counters with a very crisp elbow to Machida’s jaw and they lock up again to finish the bout. The final round is another 10-9 round for Machida. Lyoto Machida defeats Nakamura by unanimous decision with 30-27 scores on all 3 scorecards.

Tyson Griffin def. Thiago Tavares via unanimous decision

Round 1: They feel each other out early in the round with mild-powered strikes but little landing for either fighter. Griffin shoots for a takedown and pins Tavares against the fence pulling his head out of a guillotine attempt winding up in Tavares’ guard. Griffin tries to deliver hard shots from the position eventually leaving his leg open to a submission but spins out of the attempts and the fighters scrambles. Griffin again assumes the top position and throws leather at Tavares who is repeatedly warned for grabbing the cage. Griffin presses into Tavares’ guard late in the round and works to pass guard. He momentarily passes but Tavares springs to his feet and they clinch against the cage to end round one. awards round one to Griffin 10-9.

Round 2: Griffin unleashes strikes early but leaves himself vulnerable with Tavares scoring a solid flying knee that appears to hurt Griffin. He hops onto Griffin and works to pass his guard eventually moving into mount and then gives up his back. Tavares looks to secure the rear naked choke while Griffins stands up with Tavares secured to his back. Griffin is defending the attempt eventually escaping the hold and moving onto of Tavares. He is quickly put into a deep armbar but escapes that as well. Griffin unleashes ground and pound until Thiago reverses to side control. Tavares claims Griffin’s back and looks for a rear naked choke again but Griffin picks him up and slams him down cutting him open in the process. Griffin assumes the top position and ground and pounds for the remainder of the round. scores it 10-9 for Tavares.

Round 3: Griffin shorts early in the round but Tavares sprawls and regains his positioning throwing knees in the clinch. Griffin uses knees of his own but Tavares takes Griffin to the ground and gets an omoplata but can’t finish the fight as Griffin rolls away and they both go back to their feet. They clinch against the cage and trade body shots but stall out as neither can gain an upper hand to secure a takedown. Griffin eventually scores a solid elbow that gives them separation allowing them to return to the center of the octagon. Thiago quickly shoots in and takes down Griffin but is unable to use the position as they clinch against the fence yet again. Tavares forces him to the ground and takes his back but can’t secure anything. Griffin lands a very solid hammer fist late in the round and they scramble to end the bout. awards the final round to Griffin. The judges score the contest 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28 for Griffin handing Tavares his first MMA loss.

Rich Clementi def. Anthony Johnson via submission – Round 2, 3:05

Round 1: Johnson opens with strong hands and Clementi tries to defend with kicks but Johnson eventually lands a hard shot to put Clementi on the ground. Clementi recovered from the punch eventually working towards taking Johnson’s back. Johnson counters the attempt to flip on top of Rich and work ground and pound to finish out the round. scores it 10-9 for Anthony Johnson.

Round 2: Johnson comes out the aggressor in the second knocking Clementi over where he secures guard. After working ground and pound Clementi reverse to the top and works ground strikes of his own. He works to Johnson’s back and locked in a rear naked choke forcing Johnson to tap out and pass out at 3:05.

Jeremy Stephens def. Diego Saraiva via unanimous decision

Round 1: The fight goes to the ground very early in the round with Saraiva pulling guard before rolling Stephens to his back. He unleashed some strikes before moving to Stephens back to look for the rear naked choke. The move was stopped and Stephens rolled Saraiva over but gets caught in a triangle choke. He slams Saraiva off and closes out the round with some ground and pound from Saraiva’s guard. scores it 10-9 for Saraiva.

Round 2: The pace of the fight slows early in the round with Stephens connecting on a solid punch and kick before they return to the ground with Stephens in Saraiva’s guard. He worked ground and pound from the top position before the fight stalled and they were restarted. They go back to the ground yet again with Stephens avoiding an attempted submission by Saraiva as the second round ends. scores it 10-9 for Stephens making the third round crucial for both fighters.

Round 3: Stephens takes Saraiva down with a slam to open the round and works with effective ground and pound from his opponents guard. In the final seconds Stephens looks to finish his opponent with standing punches but Saraiva survives the attempts as the final bell sounds. sees the final round 10-9 for Stephens. The judges award the unanimous decision to Stephens with 30-27 scores on all three cards.

Christian Wellisch def. Scott Junk via submission (heel hook) – Round 1, 3:19

Round 1: The fighters came out trading blows with Junk looking to have an upperhand early. They clinch against the fence and trade inside strikes before Wellisch took Junk to the ground and immediately locked in a heel hook that forced Junk to tap at 3:19.

Matt Wiman def. Michihiro Omigawa via unanimous decision

Round 1: Omigawa opens up the fight with a takedown following a Wiman shoot and nearly finishes the fight early with a guillotine choke but Wiman manages to escape eventually. The fighters traded positions for the remainder of the round though Wiman managed solid ground strikes from Omigawa’s guard. sees the round 10-9 for Wiman in a very close opening frame.

Round 2: Omigawa comes out throwing early in the second round connecting with a few solid punches before Wiman takes the fight to the mat. He quickly transitioned to Omigawa’s back and tried for a rear naked choke but it was defended successfully. The fight returned to the feet and Wiman continues to dominate setting up a solid head kick to end the round. A much more decisive 10-9 round for Wiman.

Round 3: Wiman continues to pour it on in the third round starting the final frame up with some punches before taking Omigawa down. Wiman attempted another rear naked choke but it was stopped and instead unleashed some ground and pound from Omigawa’s guard. The round in another 10-9 for Wiman. The judges agree and award Wiman a unanimous decision win with scores of 30-27, 29-28, and 29-28.


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