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Shogun Signs with Pride, Not UFC

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua has signed a 4 fight deal with Pride, not the UFC as originally rumored, according to The rumors of Shogun coming to the UFC and Pride came as a direct result of the massive ammount of rumors involving the purchase of Pride by the Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta.

The deal will keep Rua a Pride fighter barring the sale of Pride. It is believed however that his contract will be written in such a way that Shogun will fight in the UFC after the sale. From the article:

“Shogun’s new contract is with Pride FC, but if the company is indeed going to change hands (especially with everything pointing in that direction lately), it is likely that his new contract was structured so that it would be part of the Pride sale, and thus we could eventually see Shogun in the UFC. But until an actual sale does take place, Shogun is a Pride fighter.”

This deal is not completely bad news for UFC fans hoping to see the 2005 Pride GP winner in the UFC. With all signs pointing towards Pride coming under UFC control soon enough, Shogun may be fighting in the UFC before the end of the year.

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