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Chael Sonnen Weighs-In on Ronda Rousey’s Loss, Says Star Was “Created by The Media”

Ronda Rousey

Chael Sonnen predicted Ronda Rousey would defeat Holly Holm, but after what went down at UFC 193, the retired fighter says he was also swept up with the hype surrounding the superstar.

Heading into UFC 193, nearly everyone was on board with the idea that Rousey would be far too much for Holm. Folks understood that the latter is a talented striker, but due to Rousey’s grappling pedigree, the consensus was she would end it there if needed. There were even others, including Sonnen, who questioned whether Holm could even stand with Rousey.

Well, on Saturday night, Holm’s striking and footwork put an end to Rousey’s reign as bantamweight champ. So much so, there’s been a ton of discussion and debate as to whether Rousey is as good as every one thought.

Sonnen recently appeared on ESPN Radio with Dan Le Batard, and the outspoken fighter had this to say (quotes via MMA

“That division is still so shallow and so new and when the media got behind it, there was so much hype and belief,” Sonnen said. “It’s like anything else — and Dan, I’m not above this, either — when you hear something enough times, you start to think that it’s real.”

“Things should become clear — after you see them,” Sonnen said. “I wasn’t good at predicting this one, either. The thing with Ronda is she is created by the media. That was a media sensation. You did have a lot of fighters coming out and saying, ‘I want a Ronda Rousey technique video, because I want to learn those skills.’ She has great skills, but so does everybody else on the roster.”

How about that? There’s a lot of people who weren’t “good at predicting” Saturday’s match-up as well (yes, for the record, I picked Rousey to win). But, the big questions is, did what go down at UFC 193 really show that Holm is that much better than Rousey overall? Or, did it demonstrate that perhaps Rousey should have come in with a very different strategy? Perhaps will find out next year?


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