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UFC FN 78: Main Card Play-By-Play And Results

UFC FN 78: Main Card Play-By-Play And Results

The prelims are in the books for UFC FN 78, so let’s move to the main card and the main event scrap between Kelvin Gastelum and Neil Magny.

Efrain Escudero vs. Leandro Silva

Round 1: Escudero is the aggressor. Silva’s looking to counter. Silva plants a kick to the body. Escudero is pushing forward but isn’t landing much. Silva lands a left. More shots from Silva. Latter pushes Escudero to the cage. Silva plants a hard right hook. Escudero changes levels and pushes Silva to the cage. Escudero switches to a single leg but can’t get it. Nice right from Escudero as he comes in looking for the TD. Silva is defending well. Both men fires strikes before round ends.

Round 2: Silva with a headkick attempt. Escudero continues to move forward. Silva lands a hard left. Latter plants a kick to the body. Escudero shoots in and gets the TD. Silva is working butterfly guard. Elbows from Escudero. Silva pushes off and gets to his feet briefly. Escudero has top position once more. Silva rolls for a leglock but Escudero defends. Latter is in half guard and lands a couple punches. Silva is cut on the left side of his face. Escudero lands some shots as Silva gets to his feet. Round ends.

Round 3: Silva with a front kick to the body. Escudero plants a hard overhand right. Silva flurries back. Nice jab from Silva. Escudero charges in but can’t get the takedown. Silva pushes him to the cage. Hard right hand from Silva. Escudero shoots in again but can’t get the TD. Big left from Silva. Escudero goes for another TD but Silva defends, moves to his back. Nicely done. Escudero fires an elbow back into Silva. More elbows from Escudero. Silva is still on Escudero’s back. Round ends.

TUF Latin America 2 Lightweight Final

Enrique Barzola vs. Horacio Gutierrez

Round 1: Gutierrez fires a leg kick that misses. He looks to be much bigger than Barzola. Hard leg kick from Gutierrez. And another. Another leg kick from Gutierrez. Barzola goes for a single leg and then follows up with a slam. Gutierrez works his way back up. Barzola takes him down again. Barzola with punches from above. Gutierrez works a sweep and gets to his feet. Barzola trips him back to the floor. Hard right from Barzola. Round ends.

Round 2: Gutierrez misses wildly with a right. Gutierrez throws a kick but is greeted with a nice double leg from Barzola. Latter tosses in some shots from above. Gutierrez tries to sweep but can’t get it. Barzola fires down an elbow and cuts Gutierrez. More strikes from Barzola. Gutierrez fires an upkick. Now Barzola is in half guard. Latter is looking for an armbar but round ends. Round ends. One sided frame for Barzola.

Round 3: Gutierrez flurries in but eats a counter right. Barzola looks for a single leg but can’t get it. Another TD from Barzola is defended. Barzola follows up again and takes Gutierrez to the mat. Barzola is landing shots from above. Gutierrez needs to do something or this is over. More strikes from Barzola. Gutierrez swings for an armbar but Barzola defends. Round ends and Barzola should be the lightweight winner for TUF Latin America 2.

Enrique Barzola def. Horacio Gutierrez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

TUF Latin America 2 Welterweight Final

Enrique Marin vs. Erick Montano

Round 1: Both men come out aggressively. Montano lands a nice counter left, pushes Marin to the cage. Montano with an overhand right. Marin eats a left. Montano is using side kicks to keep his distance. They clinch up agains the cage. Montano shoots a TD but Marin sweeps. Nicely done. Marin moves to half guard but Montano gets to his feet. Montano eats an uppercut but plants a right hook. They trade strikes before the round ends.

Round 2: Montano cracks Marin with a thumping hook. Marin responds with a double leg. Montano works a switch and takes top position. Marin starts looking for a footlock and uses it to take top position. Montano gets to his feet. Telegraphed spinning kick from Montano. Latter looks very tired. Another spinning kick from Montano misses. Marin looks for TD but can’t get it. Marin lands a right. Sidekicks from Montano to Marin’s legs. Round ends.

Round 3: Montano fires a high kick. Marin digs in with an uppercut. They clinch up against the cage. Marin works his way out. Montano continues to stay busy with sidekicks to the legs of Marin. Latter is moving forward but isn’t landing much. Marin fires in a kick to the body. Montano shoots a nicely timed double. That could cinch this for Montano. Round ends.

TUF Latin America 2 Welterweight Final

Erick Montano def. Enrique Marin via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Henry Cejudo vs. Jussier Formiga

Round 1: Cejudo with a front kick to the body. Cejudo fires a left hook that’s blocked. Formiga flurries in. Cejudo kicks the calf of Formiga. Nice left from Formiga. Latter plants a right straight. Both guys are loading up on their shots but not much is landing. They clinch up briefly. Cejudo wings a hard overhand right that puts Formiga down to one knee for a second. Cejudo grabs a leg and takes Formiga to the floor. Round ends.

Round 2: Formiga with a nice left hook. Cejudo threatens with an uppercut. Formiga with a combo but nothing lands. Cejudo grazes Formiga with a big right. Both guys fire hard shots but Cejudo eats a right. Good kick from Formiga to the calf. More hard punches from each guy but not much is landing. Both flyweights throw knees in the clinch. Cejudo grabs for a leg but Formiga moves away. Round ends.

Round 3: More of the same from both guys. Loading up on shots; no one’s really changing strategy. Cejudo chucks a kick. Cejudo comes in and pushes Formiga to the cage. Big slam from Cejudo but Formiga gets right back up. Elbow from Cejudo while working in the clinch. Formiga with another kick to the calf. Cejudo pushes him to the cage. Action moves to the center of the Octagon. Formiga is look for a trip but eats an elbow. Looks like we’re headed to yet another decision….the sixth in a row….

Henry Cejudo def. Jussier Formiga via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

Ricardo Lamas vs. Diego Sanchez

Round 1: Lamas fires kicks to the head and legs. Sanchez leads with a right. Lamas with a stiff jab. Sanchez looks considerably bigger in there. Sanchez flurries in but Lamas responds with a spinning kick that appears to land. Wow. Both guys fire hard shots and Lamas ate at least one. Lamas continues to stay busy with kicks. Latter shoots in and takes Sanchez down but the “Dream” gets to his feet. Lamas takes his back. Lamas is firing in knees to the thighs. Nice scrambling from Sanchez and he has Lamas against the cage. Both guys wing punches and round ends.

Round 2: Sanchez finds a home with the left. Lamas changes levels but Sanchez sprawls. Lamas is cut on the side of his head after taking an elbow. Sanchez continues to defend the TD attempt. Lamas blasts Sanchez to the leg with a kick and Sanchez stumbles badly. Latter looks hurt. Another kick to the calf from Lamas. Sanchez calls him on and Lamas takes him down. Sanchez gets to his feet. Sanchez scores a beautiful switch but Lamas in turn reverses. Nicely done. Another switch from Sanchez. Wow. Sanchez goes for a kimura but Lamas takes his back briefly. Action’s back up. Lamas blasts Sanchez with another leg kick. Round ends. Great action.

Round 3: Sanchez is still favouring right leg. Nice combo from Sanchez. Lamas throws a hook but eats a knee. Another leg kick from Lamas. Spinning kick from latter misses. Sanchez takes another kick to the leg and is stumbling badly. Sanchez screams at Lamas and tells him to come on. Lamas is looking for the TD but is taking elbows from Sanchez. Wow. Lamas fires off a spinning elbow that cuts Sanchez open. It’s another bloody war involving the latter. Headkick from Lamas grazes Sanchez. Lamas moves away from a wild left. Lamas blasts the calf of Sanchez again with a kick. Latter storms in but final horn goes. Great fight.

Ricardo Lamas def. Diego Sanchez via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Neil Magny

Round 1: Gastelum fires in a nice leg kick, follows up with a straight left. Magny flurries in. Gastelum comes back with a nice combo that ends with a headkick attempt. Wow. Magny slams Gastelum down and takes his back. Latter gets back to his feet nicely. Beautiful throw from Gastelum but Magny reverses. Latter gets mount and Gastelum gives up his back. Magny is looking for a choke. Gastelum defends, scrambles and work his way out. Round ends.

Round 2: Magny plants a nice right. Another nice right by Magny. Gastelum comes in with a headkick that’s blocked. Gastelum pushes Magny to the cage. Action moves to the center of the cage. Magny is keeping busy with the jab. Nice body kick from Gastelum. Latter flurries in with some big shots. Magny returns fire. Magny grabs Gastelum and the fight goes to the mat briefly. Magny throws Gastelum down again but he gets back up. Fight’s back down and then back up. Round ends.

Round 3: Gastelum fires some big shots to start the round. Magny sticks the jab. Magny continues to pressure and takes Gastelum down. Latter gets back up. Magny fires some elbows off the clinch. Gastelum with a nice jab. Gastelum looks for the clinch but can’t get it. Magny looks for a TD but gives up his back. Magny reverses and gets a TD. Gastelum pops back up. Gastelum rolls and is looking for a leg. Round ends.

Round 4: Gastelum lands a left. Both guys are keeping busy. Wow. Gastelum floors Magny with a right and swarms in. Magny is trying to hold on to Gastelum. Latter is looking for crucifix position but Magny defends. Magny eats a big elbow. Magny gets to his feet. Nicely done. Gastelum sends Magny to the mat again with a left hand. Crazy. Magny looks for a triangle and gets to his feet. Magny throws a knee and goes for the TD. Magny seems okay. Round ends.

Round 5: Fight could be two rounds a piece. Gastelum comes out aggressively. Gastelum throws a kick but eats a counter. Latter slams Magny to the mat. Elbow from Gastelum. Magny throws up a triangle but Gastelum defends. Magny gets to his feet. Gastelum looks very fresh considering it’s the fifth round. More punches from Gastelum. Nice flurry from Gastelum. Big body kick from Gastelum. Magny clinches up and throws Gastelum down. Latter reverses and takes top position. Gastelum is firing down shots from above. Round ends. Gritty performance from both guys in the eighth straight fight to go the distance…

Neil Magny def. Kelvin Gastelum via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)


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