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UFC Takes on Piracy, Sues Boston Bar Over Illegal Pay-Per-View

octagonThe UFC has taken its fight against online piracy of its lucrative pay-per-views to the next level after an estimated 140,000 viewers tuned in to illegal streams of UFC 106 in November, filing suit on Tuesday against a Boston bar for allegedly showing UFC 104 illegally, the Boston Herald reports:

“This is a situation where a bar has illegally taken our pay-per-view signal without purchasing it through our exclusive closed-circuit providers,” said Lawrence Epstein, the UFC’s general counsel.

Live UFC pay-per-view fights are distributed commercially for approximately $500 to $1,500, depending on the size of the location. The Draft was not on the UFC’s list of paid customers.

An eyewitness verified the bar showed the live event via a laptop computer hooked up to a TV, said Julie Lonstein, another UFC attorney. The UFC has a network of auditors who look for establishments that illegally broadcast its events.

The UFC is seeking maximum statutory damages totaling $640,000, plus legal costs.


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