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Tim Kennedy Calls For Ronda Rousey to Leave Current Camp, Edmond Tarverdyan

Tim Kennedy

Since Ronda Rousey was demolished by Holly Holm at UFC 193, a lot of folks have been questioning whether “Rowdy” should change camps, and obviously Tim Kennedy thinks she should.

Rousey absorbed several thumping punches during the opening round of her scrap with Holm, and appeared to be shaken after it concluded. In between rounds, however, her striking coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, reportedly didn’t provide Rousey with any advice in terms of a new strategy. Rousey was knocked out not long into round two.

Well, Kennedy recently was a guest on 1300 the Zone’s Fight Night show, and during the segment, the fighter was heavily critical of Tarverdyan. Here is some of what Kennedy had to say (quotes via MMA

“Ronda had the brakes beaten off her for four and a half minutes,” said Kennedy, who also said he doesn’t think Tarverdyan should have just tried to boost Rousey’s confidence in between rounds. “Her face is bloody, her nose and lip are bleeding and then you have her coach saying, ‘Hey, do the same thing?’ Not even like, ‘Stick to the game plan. Change levels. Cut an angle and shoot a double leg. Push her up against the fence.’ Anything! ‘Keep getting punched more.'”

“…”I think Ronda is one of those people like Jon Jones, like Holly. People who are just God’s gift to pugilism. You put her with the right coaches, with the right training partners, her potential is limitless. You put her with the guys she’s been training with? You get what you got.”

Tarverydan has certainly been taking a lot of heat the last week or so, and clearly, things went horribly wrong for Rousey as well as her coach at UFC 193. It’s going to be fascinating to see what Rousey elects to do, and whether she comments on why she thinks she lost so decisively to Holm. There was certainly a lot going on in her life leading up to the event.


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