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Rafael Cordeiro Talks Ronda Rousey, Says Former Champ Should “Change Her Game a Little Bit”

Ronda Rousey

Plenty of folks have been chiming in on what went wrong for Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, but now one of the best coaches in the game, Mr. Rafael Cordeiro, has offered his thoughts.

Yes, since Rousey was put away by Holly Holm earlier this month, and was done so in decisive fashion, there’s been no shortage of discussion as what led to the loss. Some have wondered whether pre-fight drama in her camp may have been a factor, and if the star had too much on her plate. Others have questioned whether she had the right gameplan and or abilities to negate the vaunted striking game of Holm.

Well, recently Cordeiro appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and the Kings MMA coach was asked about whether Rousey would be welcome at the renowned gym. Not surprisingly, Cordeiro said “Rowdy” would be. When Cordeiro was asked for his thoughts on what went down at UFC 193, here is some of what he had to say (quotes via MMA

 “…Sometimes you have to hide what you want to do inside the fight. I think she has to a little bit more calm, a little bit more confident, she has to change her game a little bit. It’s my opinion as a MMA fan.”

“I expect Ronda to throw a punch and grab.  I think me and all over the world expect the same thing. Punch and find for short distance, and grab,” Cordeiro said. “I think she has to chance a little bit more because (everyone) started to understand her game. She can mix a little bit more between punch, kicks, knees, takedown, distance. Things like that is gonna make the difference. She can’t start the fight running against the opponent like that because people start to understand her game and start play against her.”

When you’ve accomplished what Cordeiro has in terms of coaching, it’s hard to argue with anything he’s saying here. Holm was clearly, very well prepared for Rousey that night, was a step ahead, and repeatedly tagged the former champ.

Of course, others would point out that the strategy Rousey’s been using did lead to some of the most lopsided and quickest wins in UFC history. So, it’s not too shocking that the same tactics were employed (even if it led to the loss).


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