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Michael Bisping Says Predictions Ronda Rousey Won’t Return to UFC Are “Ridiculous”

Michael Bisping

If you’re one of the folks who’s been predicting that Ronda Rousey is going to go the movie star route, and won’t return to the Octagon, well, Michael Bisping says you’re wrong. So very, very wrong.

Yes, since Rousey was demolished by Holly Holm, there have been more than a few fans and observers who have questioned if the she’ll return to fighting. The argument being that Rousey has made a lot of money, has an acting career, and that she may elect to hang up the gloves. This, despite the fact, that Rousey herself said she’ll be back.

Well, recently Bisping appeared on “The MMA Hour” and the middleweight contender had this to say about the subject (quote via MMA

“…Saturday night I was working on Fox Sports 1 with Rashad Evans, and Rashad was saying she’ll never return from that, that she’ll disappear into movies. And I think that’s ridiculous,” said Bisping, after noting that he returned from a devastating knockout loss to Dan Henderson in 2009. “I think any competitor that has managed to rise to the top like she did, and competitor that has that natural competitive streak — you know she competed at the Olympics and became a world champion — to suggest that she’s not going to try and return from that and get revenge for that loss and try to get her belt back, that’s crazy.”

Of course there’s a chance that Rousey could decide to close the chapter on her fighting career, but it would be very shocking if she did. After all, we are talking about someone who not long ago was considered to be the most dominant champ in combat sports. It’s not like Rousey’s lost three fights in a row.

Further, her acting gig and sponsorships are connected to her fighting career. Would she have as many opportunities if she retired from competing right now?

Bisping, meanwhile, has yet to be scheduled for his next bout. The British star was supposed to fight Robert Whittaker at UFC 193, but he had to withdraw due to injury.


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