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UFC 194: Conor McGregor Says Plan is in Motion to Fight For Lightweight Title Next

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

UFC boss man Dana White has repeatedly said he doesn’t want champions to leave a division until they clean it out, but according to Conor McGregor, plans are being laid for him to move to lightweight already…

McGregor has said time and time again that he intends to move up to 155 at some point, as the Irish fighter competed there before he joined the UFC. The interim featherweight champ has also said that he wants to do so soon. McGregor is booked to fight the 145 champ Jose Aldo on December 12th.

But, since Frankie Edgar will fight Chad Mendes the night before on December 11th, the consensus has been the UFC might want McGregor to defend the title against the winner. More so if it’s Edgar.

Well, at a recent media luncheon, McGregor relayed that he’ll be monitoring the lightweight title picture closely in the coming weeks. The champ Rafael dos Anjos is scheduled to fight Donald Cerrone on December 19th. When asked if he believes a bout with Cerrone is more likely, since the two have exchanged plenty of words, McGregor said this (quote via MMA

“I think the brass want that; they said to me that, if Cerrone wins, they would do the lightweight fight,” McGregor said. “They would do a lightweight title fight because dos Anjos wouldn’t bring the numbers. It wouldn’t be as big with dos Anjos. But, really, the fight will decide what happens. If it’s a war, if it’s a great fight, then all of a sudden dos Anjos’ stock rises and I’m sure he’s going to call me out. Then it’s there.

“I feel it’s almost set in stone. KO Jose and then KO whoever holds that lightweight belt. Within the next two fights I will be a two-weight world champion once again, but this time in the UFC.”

How about that? Now, is there a chance McGregor’s on point with this? Maybe. Maybe not.

If Cerrone and McGregor win their upcoming bouts, and if Mendes defeats Edgar, then maybe this will go down…McGregor already has a win over Mendes, so the UFC might sign off on the move (even if a lot of people would like to see Mendes have another crack at McGregor with a full camp). Maybe the UFC would look at RDA vs. McGregor as well? Provided Mendes defeats Edgar?

But there’s a lot of ifs here…Can McGregor defeat the only featherweight champ the UFC has ever had?


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