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Conor McGregor Advises Ronda Rousey to “Push Everything Away”

Ronda Rousey

The speculation and debate as to what was behind Ronda Rousey’s loss to Holly Holm continues, and Conor McGregor seems to be in agreement with those who think she had too much on her plate.

Since Rousey was bombed out by Holm at UFC 193, there’s been no shortage of discussion as to why “Rowdy” lost. For some, the defeat proved that Rousey’s striking game has a ways to go, particularly if she hopes to defeat an elite striker like Holm.

Others, however, have questioned whether Rousey just had too many distractions, both personal and professional, leading up to the bout. Some folks believe it’s likely a combination of all these factors.

Well, McGregor was recently asked to weigh-in on Rousey’s loss at a recent media event, and here is some of what the interim featherweight champ had to say (quote via MMA

“If I was going to take something away from Ronda is – maybe just push everything away,” McGregor said. “I can’t really see her situation. I don’t know her situation. From looking from where I was at, I could see that maybe she’d done a little too much on the media side.

“That, coupled with a personal life that I know nothing about, could have hampered her training a little bit. Maybe could have hampered her mind. And then the particular style of opponent in Holly could have maybe combined into making her a little too emotionally invested…”

It’s interesting to hear McGregor say this, since he’s a huge star in his own right, and does a ton of media himself. But, he’s not in the same league as Rousey, so perhaps her defeat will be a cautionary reminder to him moving forward. After all, if McGregor takes out Jose Aldo on December 12th, things are going to get really crazy for “Notorious”.

UFC 194 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena. It’s going to be a crazy night.


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