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The Ultimate Fighter 6: Episode 2 Recap

Hot off the presses, here is this week’s TUF 6 episode 2 recap. Some of this week’s highlights include: Joe Scarola’s losing woes, Matt Hughes mixing up MMA and religion, and a preliminary match between Team Hughes’ Dorian Price versus Team Serra’s Matt Arroyo. Continue reading for a full recap of the show…

This week’s episode kicks off where the last one ended, with Joe Scarola losing to Mac Danzig by triangle choke. Scarola is real down about his loss, so much so, that he contemplates on leaving the house. Scarola explains that dealing with a loss in a house full of guys is tough, and he would prefer to lick his wounds in the company of his girlfriend and family. Scarola’s woes quickly become a recurring problem that affects his teammates. Matt Serra is forced to excuse himself from sparring; he apologizes to his boys for leaving. Serra explains that he has a “bitch” to deal with. Serra confronts Scarola about leaving, and Scarola insists that he wants to stay. Scarola is really hanging on by a toe nail here; it is evident that he really wants to go.

The boys of Team Hughes are puzzled when they arrive at the training session to find Matt Hughes with a copy of the bible for each of them. Hughes requests that his fighters read the Book of Esther and let him know, in their opinion, which character best represents him. Hmm I don’t know… God? Mac Danzig chooses not to participate in the activity, and Hughes assures Danzig that there’s no pressure to read the Book of Esther, BUT he really should. It turns out Hughes identifies with the character of the Queen the most; like the Queen, Hughes enjoys helping people. When word catches on to Serra that Hughes had brought the bible to the training sessions, Serra is not impressed. He believes that Hughes is pushing Christianity onto his fighters.

This season’s TUF features a new rule, instead of having the winning team retain the ability to call the next match, the decision to pick the next match now alternates between each team week after week. As a result, it’s Team Serra’s turn to select this week, and they choose Matt Arroyo to face Team Hughes’ Dorian Price.

Fight day arrives, and Arroyo and Price meet in the octagon. The two fighters begin the round with a stand-up exchange. Price, a Muay Thai specialist, catches Arroyo flush on the jaw with a big knee. Miraculously, Arroyo is still standing on his feet. From there the fight quickly goes to the ground with Price on his back. At this point it’s all Arroyo, who sends down a huge right that ends up missing Price. Arroyo eventually gains full mount and starts reigning down punches. It is evident that Price cannot defend himself, but the referee keeps the match going. Finally, Arroyo sinks in a rear naked choke forcing Price to tap.


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