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UFC 194: Conor McGregor Says He’ll Capture Both FW And LW Belts, Continue to “Eliminate” Challengers

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

Anyone who follows Conor McGregor knows he intends to move up to lightweight and pursue the 155 title, but now the interim featherweight champ has offered an interesting twist on his plans.

Since McGregor arrived in the UFC he’s been upfront about the fact that he wants to move up to lightweight. In recent weeks, the Irish star has even said he may do so, if he defeats featherweight champ Jose Aldo this Saturday at UFC 194.

He’s also said that he’s not interested in facing Chad Mendes again, provided the latter defeats Frankie Edgar on Friday. On the other hand, McGregor has relayed in recent weeks that he’d be down for fighting Edgar.

Well, McGregor appeared on the latest edition of “UFC Tonight“, and he was asked about his aspirations at 155. Here is some of what the dynamic striker had to say (quote via press release):

“I will unify my world title and then I feel in a business sense, it makes sense to move up to take the 155 pound belt, sprinkle that McGregor magic on it and take that 155 pound belt. There are a lot of featherweight fights going on this weekend and I’ll wait for a contender to emerge. While I wait, I’ll move up and take the 155 pound belt, and when a featherweight competitor emerges, I’ll come back down and eliminate that, and then move back up again to eliminate the competitor in the 155-pound division.”

Those are some pretty grandiose plans, but certainly, no one should be surprised to hear this coming from McGregor . Would the UFC allow for this? It would be a pretty big departure from what Dana White has said in the past. Traditionally the UFC President has said champions need to clean out their respective division, before they move up. So, if Edgar and McGregor do win this weekend, a lot of people will be calling for that fight.

Would the UFC be interested in pushing it say 6-8 months down the line, however, so that McGregor could fight for the 155 belt in the meantime? One would think no. But, then again, money talks, and if a bout with Donald Cerrone or Rafael dos Anjos would be bigger…

Of course, all this is purely speculative, as “Notorious” needs to get by the greatest featherweight ever first.


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