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Kazuhiro Nakamura Plans to Appeal Drug Suspension and Fine

Upon hearing that Kazuhiro Nakamura has tested positive for marijuana, J-ROCK, Nakamura’s management company has released a statement denying the charges against their fighter. According to J-ROCK, Nakamura has never used marijuana and would have no motives or benefits for doing so prior to his fight at UFC 76.

Nakamura’s management said that he was taken to the hospital immediately after his fight with Machida for a precautionary CT scan in Anaheim, CA. The CT scan showed evidence of bleeding from the brain according to the doctors in America. However, contrary to this, upon arriving back in a Japan, the CT scans were reexamined by Japanese doctors who found no such indication of bleeding of the brain. J-ROCK is using the discrepancies between the two examinations as an example that medical results may vary, and can be inaccurate at times. Using this line of reasoning, J-ROCK is confident that their fighter is being wrongly accused of marijuana use.

J-Rock plans on appealing the CSAC’s allegations in order to protect Nakamura’s reputation. They are requesting that the results be reexamined. Please check back for updates.

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