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Joe Rogan Calls For Conor McGregor – Frankie Edgar, Shoots Down Rematch With Jose Aldo

Kelsey Mowatt

Frankie Edgar

Jose Aldo and his supporters may be calling for an immediate rematch with Conor McGregor, but it sounds like Joe Rogan is all in on the new champ fighting Frankie Edgar.

Shortly after Aldo was quickly KO’d by McGregor at UFC 194, he said he wanted another crack at McGregor. Then, more recently, the storied fighter argued that he deserves an immediate rematch with his rival, due to what he’s accomplished in his career. Aldo certainly isn’t alone in this assessment, and folks like Jon Jones have argued the star should be granted a rematch.

Well, recently Rogan weighed in on this during an episode of his podcast, and the UFC commentator outlined why he doesn’t think Aldo should fight McGregor next. Here is some of what Rogan had to say (quotes via MMA

“The problem with doing a rematch with Conor McGregor and Aldo is that it would be so hard to sell when a guy gets knocked out quick,” Rogan said. “When you hype it up for as long as you did, for two separate events, it dies off and then the first punch Conor connects with puts him out? It’s hard to sell that…”

“I think a lot of what [UFC] has done has been based on what compelling contenders they have for that title” added Rogan, while discussing the argument that Aldo deserves a rematch. “Compelling contenders where you look at their style and the style of the current champion. If you wanted to make the most intriguing stylistic matchup, I think it’s Frankie Edgar. A guy who won the title at 155 pounds, beat legends in B.J. Penn, just knocked out Chad Mendes with one punch, before that beat the f**k out of Cub Swanson. He’s smushed everyone they’ve put in front of him for a few years now. He’s a monster.”

Yup. Frankie’s a monster, and a lot of folks would love to see him take a run at McGregor. It’s an interesting debate, and it’s hard to fault anyone who says Aldo should get an immediate shot at the belt. But, as Rogan alluded to, because of the way the fight went down a lot of people are likely more intrigued by McGregor – Edgar, or McGregor fighting for the lightweight belt.

Rogan also reportedly argued that Aldo should take six months off to fully recover from the knockout, and that’s not a bad point either.

One thing’s for certain, whoever McGregor fights next, it’s going to be another big payday for him and the UFC.


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