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Luke Rockhold Discusses Infection he Battled Prior to UFC 194: “I Never Felt so Tired”

Luke Rockhold

Following Luke Rockhold’s stoppage win over Chris Weidman at UFC 194, he revealed he was battling an infection leading up to the bout, and now the new champ has opened up about how serious it was.

Rockhold took Weidman out in the fourth round on Saturday night, after battering the previously undefeated fighter with elbows and punches from above. A lot of people believed Rockhold had what it took to defeat Weidman, but not too many people were predicting it would end in the fashion that it did.

Thus, this is why, jaws were dropped even more so, after Rockhold revealed his camp had been hindered by a bout of cellulitis. Since then, the middleweight spoke with “The Three Amigos Podcast“, and during the interview, Rockhold had this to say about the infection (quote via Bloody

“….Cellulitis is similar to a staph infection, is what I had. I’d been on antibiotics all the way up to the fight, and I’m still on them now.

It taxes your body so much. I’ve never felt anything like that. My arms and everything were just exhausted. After the first round I was like, ‘Oh sh-t, I need to calm myself down.’ I knew going into the fight I had to focus on relaxation, because every little bit of exertion would tax my body, and I felt it previously when I was doing the open workouts. I’ve never felt so tired.”

Now sure, critics are saying Rockhold shouldn’t have revealed this right after the win, and others have argued that the bout would have gone differently, if Weidman hadn’t attempted that spinning kick. Others will argue that no fighter is 100% when they compete.

But, really, to hear Rockhold was battling this leading up to UFC 194,  does add further evidence to the fact he is a ridiculously talented fighter.


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