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Tyron Woodley Makes Case For Why he, And Not Carlos Condit, Should Battle Robbie Lawler

Kelsey Mowatt

Tyron Woodley

Plenty of fans and pundits are likely hoping to see an immediate rematch between Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit, but Tyron Woodley has already made the case for why he should throw down with the welterweight champ next.

If you watched last night’s UFC 195 card, then chances are you still haven’t completely come down from the thrilling headliner. As expected, Lawler and Condit went to war, and the latter came very, very close to taking the title.

As a result of the fight’s action, and because it was so close, people are already calling for an immediate rematch. Following the event, UFC boss man Dana White didn’t say which way the company was leaning, so it remains to be seen what will happen.

Now as you recall, Woodley was told he’d be challenging for the belt next, after Johny Hendricks had to withdraw from their bout in October. Woodley was part of FOX Sport’s 1’s commentating team last night, and not surprisingly, the welterweight contender isn’t down for Lawler – Condit II. Here’s why (quote via FOX Sports press release):

“These rematches, we’ve seen these every other weekend. We really don’t need to see another rematch. I’m over them. Someone else should get to fight Lawler and Condit can win one and get right back in there.”

“Condit doesn’t have the threat of wrestling and takedowns. He doesn’t have the speed. I have way more power than him. I’m hungry. I’ve been sitting at the door, trying to get a bite and a bone. Styles make fights and I think my style matches up against anyone in the welterweight division.”

There you have it. Is Woodley’s wrestling game an element that Condit doesn’t have? And as a result, does he pose a more difficult challenge for Lawler? Possibly. But, chances are fans who are already calling for an immediate rematch don’t really care about that.

Woodley is right, however, in terms of rematches. Lawler has already fought Rory MacDonald and Johny Hendricks two times each, so, the promotion might want to have him face someone new. It will be interesting to see what happens.


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