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Brock Lesnar Could Return at UFC 114 in May, Ready to Fight “Stalker” Mir

Brock LesnarOn the heels of their appearance Wednesday morning on ESPN’s SportsCenter, UFC President Dana White said during an afternoon conference call that heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar could return at UFC 114 on May 29 in Las Vegas.

Though the date would give the winner of a March showdown between Shane Carwin and Frank Mir just two months to prepare, Lesnar’s desire to return to the Octagon sooner rather than later could fast track the bout. Should the Carwin-Mir winner be unable to fight Lesnar at UFC 114, he could instead meet the winner of a February matchup between Cain Velasquez and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira before fighting Carwin or Mir later in the year.

Lesnar, who was reportedly fighting at just 60% of his potential over the last year as a result of his illness, will begin the training camp for his return on Thursday and, while he made it clear he’s interested in a rubber match with the “stalker” Mir, he is preparing for “anyone and everyone.”

“[Everyone] is shitting their pants” now that I’m back, said Lesnar.

Other notes from the call included:

  • Brock was sick for months and had a small hole in his stomach for over a year, making him miss weeks of training camps with flu-like symptoms that limited his performance to 60%. He was diagnosed with mononucleosis, but declined a CT scan, which let the diverticulitis he was ultimately diagnosed with go undetected for even longer.
  • Lesnar stressed that he means no offense to Canada, but his treatment there was low point of his illness. Fled hospital against doctor’s orders and had wife drive him at over 100 miles-per-hour to a hospital in North Dakota. Underwent minor procedure, and both hospital and Mayo Clinic recommended surgery, which would have prompted him to retire, but he declined and ultimately healed on his own.
  • A protein-rich diet caused Lesnar’s health issues, and he is now eating a well-balanced diet to prevent future issues.
  • Lesnar’s lowest weight was 248-pounds, but he is now back up to 273. He joked that he hadn’t been that light since second grade.
  • When he resumed training, Lesnar felt like he was “starting from ground zero” and was being tossed around by his training partner, but feels the experience helped his endurance.

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