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UFC FN 82: Prelims Play-By-Play And Results

UFC FN 82: Prelims Play-By-Play And Results

UFC Fight Night 82 is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada, and while Fabricio Werdum – Cain Velasquez II isn’t going down, there’s some interesting fights scheduled.

Let’s move to the preliminary card action.

Fight Pass Results

Mickey Gall def. Mike Jackson via submission (rear-naked-choke) R1, 0:45

Alex White def. Artem Lobov via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Noad Lahat vs. Diego Rivas 

Round 1: Lahat takes an eye poke moments into the bout. Not a good start here. Lahat seems to be okay. Lahat lands a leg kick, and then not much later, scores a nice takedown. Rivas is scrambling but winds up in a guillotine from mount. Rivas is defending and Lahat gives it up. Rivas goes for a triangle but Lahat ain’t having it. Rivas gives up his back, rolls and Lahat is working an arm-triangle-choke. Again, Rivas defends. Latter works his way to his feet but has to defend a guillotine choke attempt moments later, and fight’s back down. Round ends.

Round 2: Wow. Rivas cracks Lahat with a flying knee moments into the round. Couple follow up shots from Rivas and that’s a wrap. What a knockout. Likely 50 Gs right there.

Diego Rivas def. Noad Lahat via KO (flying knee) R2, 0:23

Ray Borg vs. Justin Scoggins

Round 1: Two of the 125 division’s best prospects here. Scoggins gets takedown but scrambles back to his feet. Scoggins has Borg against the cage.  Latter reverses and goes for another TD. Can’t get it. Scoggins throws a big left but Borg charges in. Scoggins breaks away. Head kick attempt from Scoggins. Left lands from the latter. Borg blocks a kick, shoots, but it’s squashed again. Spinning kick attempt from Scoggins. Borg misses on a shot from way out. More kicks from Scoggins. Round ends.

Round 2: Another spinning kick from Scoggins. Borg clinches up and pulls guard. Wow. Scoggins is up and out. Latter is winging kicks and is clearly really confident at this point. Scoggins throws a left to the body and takes Borg down. Borg almost reverses but loses position. They’re back up. Scoggins fires in punches but eats a counter right. Scoggins with more kicks. So impressive so far. Borg fires a kick to the body. Hard left from Scoggins. Latter misses with a spinning backfist but Borg can’t get the TD. Round ends.

Round 3: Borg needs a finish to win this. Borg shoots, eats an elbow, but gets the TD. Scoggins scrambles to his feet and takes Borg down. Borg needs to do something fast. Borg gets back to his feet. Scoggins lands a left and takes Borg back down. Action is back up. Borg looks to drop into a guillotine but can’t get it. Final horn goes. One sided win for Scoggins. Very impressive.

Justin Scoggins def. Ray Borg via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Damian Grabowski vs. Derrick Lewis

Round 1: Lewis fires a right and a head kick. Grabowski shoots in but can’t get the TD. Lewis reverses and is on top. Grabowski with a hammer fist from below. Lewis chucks down a right hand. Grabowski is cut on the top of his head. Grabowski tries rolling out but Lewis is punishing him with punches. Another right hand from Lewis and the ref stops the fight. Grabowski appears to have blocked final punch, but since he was turning away, ref intervened.

Derrick Lewis def. Damian Grabowski via TKO (punches) R1, 2:17

Josh Burkman vs. K.J. Noons

Round 1: Burkman with a few leg kick attempts. Burkman throws a kick to the body. More kicks from Burkman. A few boos. Noons has hardly done anything so far. And more leg kicks from Burkman. Latter charges in with some punches. Burkman wings some big punches. Burkman goes high with a kick and just misses. Now Noons fires back shots. Round ends.

Round 2: More kicks from Burkman. Latter shoots in and is looking for a single. Burkman slams Noons but he pops right back up. Noons is still very hesitant. Not throwing hardly anything. Now Noons lands a left. Noons threatens with a right. Left from Burkman. Right lands from Noons. Leg kicks from Burkman. More boos. Noons flurries to the body. Noons spins with a kick and a punch. Round ends.

Round 3: Burkman looks for a single leg and gets it. Noons gets back to his feet. Noons charges forward and lands a right. Another right from Noons lands. Burkman’s TD attempt is defended. Latter lands a jab. Noons plants a left. Big right from Noons lands. Burkman clinches up. Noons defends. Noons is getting a little wild with his punches. Burkman clinches up again, can’t get the TD, and breaks. Body kick from Burkman. Latter shoots in again. Elbows from Noons. More elbows but he gets taken down in response.

Josh Burkman def. K.J. Noons via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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