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UFC FN 83: Prelims Play-By-Play And Results


UFC Fight Night 83 is underway at Pittsburgh’s Consol Energy Center, and in the main event, Donald Cerrone will throw down with Alex Oliveira.

Let’s jump to some preliminary card action.

Fight Pass Results

Lauren Murphy def. Kelly Faszholz via TKO (punches) R3, 4:55

Shamil Abdurakhimov def. Anthony Hamilton via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Ashlee Evans-Smith def. Marion Reneau via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-27)

Nathan Coy vs. Jonavin Webb

Round 1: Coy is pressing forward and lands a left. Webb digs to the body with a right. Latter with another right hand. Coy counters with a left and charges in but Webb moves away. Jab from Coy. Both men wing big punches. Coy plants a right and Webb shoots in. Coy sprawls and is working a choke. Webb works his way out. Webb misses with a kick. Round ends.

Round 2: Coy misses with a front kick. Coy tries for a leg kick and Webb takes him down. Latter quickly jumps on Coy’s back. Webb is hunting for an armbar but Coy defends. Coy is cranking on Webb’s next but gives it up. Webb gets back to his feet. Webb appears to be cut by his lip. Webb shoots in but Coy sprawls. Coy lands a right uppercut and pushes Webb to the cage. Coy grabs a leg but has to defend a choke attempt. Latter takes Webb down. Webb is hunting for a kimura but gives it up. Coy moves into mount. Coy with some shots from above. Round ends.

Round 3: Coy is still the aggressor. Coy may be dealing with a knee injury according to Brian Stann. Webb sweeps Coy to the floor and is looking for an armbar. Wow. Coy rolls out nicely. Coy dumps Webb with a double leg. Coy with punches from the top. Webb is trying to get to his feet and gives up his back. Coy with knees to the thigh. Webb finally gets to his feet. Nope. Coy takes him right back down. Webb needs to do something fast. Webb is hunting for a leglock but Coy is defending. Horn goes. Really solid performance from the rugged vet Coy.

Nathan Coy def. Jonavin Webb via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Leonardo Augusto Leleco vs. Anthony Smith 

Round 1: Smith with a leg kick. Follows up with a head kick that’s blocked. Leleco plants a hard right. Smith fires in a right straight. Latter with a nice check hook. Leleco comes in but eats a right. Smith comes with a nice flurry. And another combo from Smith. Latter just missed with an elbow. Leleco is looking to counter but isn’t firing much back. Smith throws a flying knee and a headkick that’s blocked. Leleco wings a right that misses. Hard right from Smith. And another one. Wow, Smith comes with a big knee and punches that opens Leleco up. Leleco fires back. Round ends.

Round 2: Smith charges in aggressively but Leleco fires back heavy shots. Smith looks rocked and shoots a takedown. Leleco gives up his back and Smith hits him with some punches. Leleco tries to roll out but Smith counters. Latter hits Leleco with an elbow. Leleco tries to roll out again but can’t . Smith punishes him with more punches. Leleco finally gets to his feet and Smith counters with a nice suplex. What? Ref stands them up? Bizarre. Leleco crunches Smith with a nice combo and latter tries for a TD. Round ends.

Round 3: Leleco wings a big left. Smith fires back. Leleco is coming with vicious body punches and Smith dives for a TD. Leleco sprawls. Leleco is working from sidemount and Smith is still looking for  leg. Smith is eating big shots from above. Leleco is still on top and Smith can’t work his way out. Ref stands them up again. Wow. Smith fires a headkick that’s blocked. Leleco fires a big right. Leleco flurries in and Smith looks really tired. Latter shoots in but Leleco sprawls again. Smith rolls to his back and then to turtle. Final horn goes. Nice fight.

Anthony Smith def. Leonardo Augusto Leleco via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Oluwale Bamgbose vs. Daniel Sarafian

Round 1: Nothing has landed so far. Wow. Bamgbose fires in a headkick that Sarafian blocks, but he hits the deck. Bamgbose follows up with punches from above and that’s a wrap. Wow.

Oluwale Bamgbose def. Daniel Sarafian via KO (punches) R1, 1:00

Alex Garcia vs. Sean Strickland

Round 1: Strickland flicks out a kick and Garcia shoots in. Strickland counters nicely and they’re back on their feet. Strickland pushes Garcia to the floor. Latter is firing upkicks and lands one. Another upkick from Garcia hits the mark. Strickland fires in an elbow from above. Strickland with a flurry of punches from above. Wow. Garcia explodes up and takes Strickland down. Garcia hasn’t been able to land much from the top. Garcia fires down a big right and the round ends.

Round 2: Strickland throws a couple of kicks. Garcia fires in a big right. Latter comes with an overhand that misses. Strickland lands a shot to the nose. Strickland is finding the mark with his strikes from the outside. Garcia is bleeding from the nose. Action has slowed. Strickland with a leg kick. And another one. Garcia shoots in and gets the TD. Garcia’s on top but hasn’t been able to land much. Round ends.

Round 3: Garcia could need a stoppage to win. Garcia charges in and gets the TD again. Strickland works his way back to his feet. Strickland with a 1 – 2. Another jab from Strickland lands. Strickland is staying long. Garcia lands a left and charges in. Strickland defends the TD attempt. Strickland lands several hard punches and Garcia’s in trouble. Wow. Strickland follows up and sends Garcia crashing to the mat. It’s all over.

Sean Strickland def. Alex Garcia via TKO (punches) R3, 4:25


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