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UFC FN 83: Main Card Play-By-Play And Results


So the preliminary bouts are over for UFC Fight Night 83, so let’s move to the main card.

In the headliner, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will battle Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira.

Shane Campbell vs. James Krause

Round 1: Both men are keeping busy with strikes. Krause clinches up and pushes Campbell to the cage. Latter lands a knee to the head. Krause attempts to take Campbell down but the latter counters. Krause nearly sweeps Campbell to the floor. Krause throws a combo and pushes Campbell to the cage again. Latter with a kick to the body. Krause fires a right to the body. Left hand from Krause. Both men wing in heavy punches. Krause fires in a hard kick to the body. Campbell plants a hard right. Body kick from Campbell. Krause with a nicely timed TD. Campbell tries to shake Krause off his back but can’t. Now Krause slaps on a rear-naked-choke but the horn goes. Wow.

Round 2: Krause shoots in again but is swept to the floor. Campbell’s on top. Krause is looking for an armbar but can’t get it. Krause gets to his feet. Now Krause has Campbell up against the cage, and then sweeps him to the ground. Campbell gives up his back. Krause has slapped on another RNC but Campbell gets out. Wow. Campbell’s on top now. Krause scrambles to his feet. Latter scores another TD but Campbell pops right back up. Campbell eats a few punches but scores a nice trip. Krause is right back up and takes Campbell down. Nicely done. Round ends.

Round 3: Krause lands a right. Campbell returns fire with a kick to the body. Latter plants a body kick and Krause clinches up. Campbell spins with a kick but misses. Nice combo from Campbell. Krause lands a right. Krause clinches up once more. Campbell breaks free but Krause ties him up once more. Wow. Campbell scores another nice foot sweep and is hunting for a choke. Krause tries to spin out but can’t. Campbell with some punches from above. Wow. Some big shots but it may not be enough.

James Krause def. Shane Campbell via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Chris Camozzi vs. Joe Riggs

Round 1: Camozzi fires in a hard leg kick. Wow. Camozzi  bombs in a huge right hand and Riggs is in trouble. Camozzi  starts chucking in knees and Riggs is done.What a win for Camozzi. Brian Stann just relayed that one of the knees from Camozzi reportedly broke Rigg’s forearm.

Chris Camozzi def. Joe Riggs via TKO (punches and knees) R1, 0:26

Dennis Bermudez vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

Round 1: Kawajiri misses with a kick. Bermudez plants a leg kick. Wow. Kawajiri just misses with a spinning backfist. Bermudez clinches up and throws Kawajiri down. Latter gets up but Bermudez is on his back. Kawajiri is working his way out. Bermudez is holding onto Kawajiri’s arm. Latter works his arm out and has top position. Bermudez gets back to his feet. Kawajiri is working on a TD and gets it. Bermudez works back up but is promptly taken down. Bermudez gets to his feet again but Kawajiri is still on him. Round ends.

Round 2: Bermudez lands a big right to begin the round. He pushes Kawajiri to the cage. Latter goes for a TD but gets caught in a choke. Kawajiri escapes but is up against the fence. Bermudez lands some big right hands. Kawajiri gets back to his feet. Kawajiri spins with a fist and misses. Latter shoots in but Bermudez defends. Bermudez is chucking down hard right hands and Kawajiri gets to his feet. Kawajiri is still digging for a TD but eating shots. Hard elbows from Bermudez. Latter moves to the back of Kawajiri and is landing more shots. More punches from Bermudez. Horn goes.

Round 3: It’s probably one round a piece. Bermudez comes in and scores a TD right away. Kawajiri is trying to scramble out. Kawajiri is back up and is looking for a single leg. Action is back up against the cage. Bermudez throws a kick and slips. Kawajiri falls back looking for a guillotine but Bermudez pops right out. Kawajiri misses with a front kick. Hard leg kick by Bermudez. Wow. Bermudez picks Kawajiri up and dumps him. Another TD by Bermudez. That’s probably it. Hard elbow from Bermudez. Final horn goes.

Dennis Bermudez def. Tatsuya Kawajiri via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Cody Garbrandt vs. Augusto Mendes

Round 1: Garbrandt fires a couple of kicks. He follows up with a left hook. Mendes nearly gets clipped with a right. Mendes charges in and stumbles. Latter tries pulling him down to the foor but Garbrandt steps up-and-out. Mendes fires a leg kick and Garbrandt flurries back. Garbrandt comes hard with 3-4. Mendes lands an uppercut. Wow. Garbrandt bombs Mendes with a left / right hook combo. Referee Mario Yamasaki goes to jump in, stops, and Garbrandt finishes the fight with a follow up punch. Crowd goes nuts.

Cody Garbrandt def. Augusto Mendes via TKO (punches) R1, 4:18

Derek Brunson vs. Roan Carneiro

Round 1: Both middleweights being somewhat cautious. Brunson charges in and lands a left. Carneiro fires a body kick. Carneiro changes levels but can’t get the TD.  Latter charges in and slips to the floor. Brunson is pouring down punches. Wow. Stoppage hasn’t come. Crazy. Now Carneiro maybe recovering. Nope. Brunson cracks Carneiro with a couple more shots and that’s it. Big win for Brunson.

Derek Brunson def. Roan Carneiro via TKO (punches) R1, 2:38

Donald Cerrone vs. Alex Oliveira

Round 1: Oliveira cracks Cerrone with a right and pushes him to the cage. Oliveira hits Cerrone with a knee to the body. Oliveira spins with a kick to the body that’s blocked. Hard leg kick by Cerrone. They clinch up briefly. Oliveira lands a right but Cerrone scores a nicely timed TD. Cerrone passes guard and right into a triangle from mount. Wow. Beautiful. Oliveira taps out. What an impressive win for Cerrone.

Donald Cerrone def. Alex Oliveira via submission (triangle-choke) R1, 2:33

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