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Conor McGregor’s “Not Forgetting About” 155 or 170 Following Defeat

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

Following Conor McGregor’s jaw dropping loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196, it looks like he’s headed back to featherweight to defend the 145 title. But does the loss mean McGregor won’t be moving up again? The brash fighter says nope.

McGregor faced Diaz in a welterweight contest on Saturday, and although he bloodied the latter with some big time punches, he was unable to finish the vet. Diaz landed some heavy shots of his own in round two, and eventually put away the featherweight champ with a rear-naked-choke. After the fight, McGregor acknowledged that his punches did not have the same impact on Diaz, like they’ve had on 145’ers.

While discussing whether he could return to 155 or 170, however, McGregor told the media this (quote via MMA

“I am not forgetting about the 155-pound division,” McGregor said. “I am certainly not forgetting about the 170-pound division.”

“I haven’t stopped in a long time,” McGregor added later. “It’s been a crazy couple of years. I’ve only been here a couple years and I’ve climbed all the way. But I’m still enjoying it; I’m not tired of it. Going back down the featherweight division I imagine what will be is what next. I still feel UFC 200 is still there for me. I’ll go back and see it…”

Hearing McGregor say this shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, McGregor has never been short on confidence or determination, so chances are he’ll try moving up again and prove his critics wrong.

There’s also the weight-cutting side to this. If you’ve seen McGregor at the weigh-ins when he cuts to 145, you know he looks awful. As in ‘turn away kids’ bad…It’s a huge cut for him. Further, leading up to UFC 196, McGregor repeatedly said he felt great not having to worry about cutting the weight. So, one would think a fight at 155 will materialize in the not too distant future.


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