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Rafael dos Anjos Says Conor McGregor “Got What he Deserved”

Rafael dos Anjos

Conor McGregor’s undefeated, UFC run came to an abrupt halt on Saturday night, and it sounds like the man he was initially supposed to face, is pretty happy about it.

McGregor was supposed to fight Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196, until not long ago, it was announced the lightweight champ was withdrawing due to a broken foot. Nate Diaz stepped up on short notice, and rocked the MMA world by submitting McGregor in round two.

Well, RDA appeared on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour” on Monday, and here is some of what he had to say about Saturday’s bout (quote via MMA

“For me, I don’t care [about] anybody’s loss,” dos Anjos said. “I think it’s a loser’s mentality to get happy with somebody losing. I don’t think like that, because one day I’m going to be there, on the Octagon, stepping there. So I don’t want anybody cheering for me to lose. I don’t want to be in that position. But I think everybody got what they deserve. Conor got what he deserved, and God makes everything perfect. Conor, he claimed to be God, and God made everything perfect. God showed him, the world, who he really is.”

“This guy, I think, everything he talked, he paid in the Octagon,” dos Anjos added later. “He just got exposed, and everything he talked, when the Octagon locked, everybody saw the truth…

How about that? Now, considering McGregor has repeatedly trashed dos Anjos while talking to the media, and predicted he’d KO the champ in the opening round, RDA’s comments shouldn’t come as a surprise.

It will be interesting to see, however, if McGregor and RDA ever cross paths. A lot of folks believed RDA was going to defeat McGregor, since he’s one of the more complete fighters in the game. He’s a guy, let’s not forget, who defeated Diaz (although the latter has hinted he was injured for the bout).

Who will RDA fight when he’s ready to return? Eddie Alvarez?


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