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Kenny Florian Says Nate Diaz Mentally Broke Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz

You know a fight was a very, very big deal when a couple of days out from it, the MMA world is still buzzing about it.

Yes, as the title gives away, that current bout is the Conor McGregorNate Diaz scrap, which went down on Saturday at UFC 196. The fight saw Diaz end one of the more remarkable runs in UFC history, as he submitted superstar Conor McGregor in round two. Going into the bout, many people believed that the welterweight fight would be a stiff test for McGregor, but the consensus was that he’d emerge victorious. That didn’t happen, and oh boy, are people talking about it.

Case in point, in ┬áthe latest episode of Jon Anik and Kenny Florian’s podcast, the latter weighed-in on the thrilling fight. Here is just some of what Florian had to say (quote via MMA

“The other thing is, and Conor kinda of talked about this, is his lack of efficiency,” said Florian. “Conor was trying to knock him out with every shot. Before he realized that he was tired, it was too late. I think that was the difference. When he saw that Nate Diaz was still walking forward, still throwing shots and landing them, I think mentally it broke Conor.

“He goes, ‘My god, against other normal human beings, 145-pounders, these guys crumbled with the power.’ I think that really threw him for a loop. He didn’t expect Nate Diaz to stay standing like that.”

Yup. As Florian noted, McGregor has admitted he was surprised to see Diaz eat those shots and keep coming. In round two, it was fascinating to see the tide of the fight turn, particularly after Diaz cracked McGregor with that big left.

In addition to Diaz, however, he’s also shown time-and-time again that he has a very solid chin. While he has 10 losses on his record, the only time Diaz has been finished (as in TKO or KO) was in 2013. Thomson stopped Diaz with strikes, but after the latter had taken a head kick. So, like Florian also argued in the show, it does seem like McGregor may have underestimated the Stockton star.

So, Robbie Lawler – Diaz next?


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