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Holly Holm Calls on Miesha Tate to Return The Favor, Wants Rematch

Holly Holm

The internet’s been lit up with Miesha Tate – Ronda Rousey III talk the last couple of days, but Holly Holm is calling for an immediate rematch with the new champ.

Tate made Holm’s reign as bantamweight champ a brief one at UFC 196, but choking out the decorated boxer in round five. Since initially, Holm was expected to advance to a rematch with Rousey provided she defeated Tate, naturally the consensus is that the latter will fight her rival next.

Well, since the defeat, Holm spoke with JacksonWink Raw, and during the interview she had this to say (quotes via MMA

“I haven’t watched it, but I’ve replayed [the fight] in my head 1000 times,” said Holm. “Not just the last round but the second round, as well. It’s obviously something I need to work on. There’s a lot of things I wasn’t doing right, things that I know better, already.

“I gave you a shot, give me a shot. I’m not going to let you choke me out again.”

Holm is referring to the fact, of course, that she pushed the UFC for a bout with Tate. The promotion originally wanted to wait for Holm – Rousey II, after the former KO’d the latter in November. But when Rousey informed the promotion she didn’t want to fight again until late 2016, the UFC booked Holm – Tate.

It will be interesting to see what the UFC elects to do here. Really, they could have Holm fight Tate again in say July, and then the winner could face Rousey in November or December. You could certainly make the case that booking Tate – Holm II, would make for a bigger fight with Rousey no?


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