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Jake Shields Reflects on When he Knew Conor McGregor “Was Broke” at UFC 196

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz repeatedly cited his training partners as a reason why he would defeat Conor McGregor at UFC 196, and one of those men has given his take on the memorable fight.

That teammate is Jake Shields, who unless you’re a MMA newbie, is a former UFC contender and one of the best grapplers on this great earth. Shields, as is usually the case, was by Diaz’s side at many of the pre-fight events, and also cornered the latter when he faced McGregor.

Well, recently Shields appeared on the MMA Hour, and of course, he was asked about his reflections of the thrilling scrap. The fight that saw Diaz drop jaws and prompt gasps throughout the MMA world, by submitting McGregor in round two. Here is some of what Shields had to say about the March 5th fight (quote via MMA

“I knew it was over when he went for the takedown,” Shields said. “You could see it actually before that. He landed a couple of shots and you could see it in Conor’s face that he was broke. Conor hasn’t really been in a war like that, if ever or a long time. I’ve never seen Conor in a war. He’s used to going out there and bullying people. That’s something I knew. Nate’s a true warrior. If it does go deep and they try to battle, Nate’s going to keep going…”

Yup, pretty much everyone was likely shocked to see McGregor shooting in. Moments before, Diaz cracked McGregor with a big left, and although he kept firing back, the tide had clearly turned.

Shields also relayed how he told Diaz to not let McGregor get in his head, and “get riled up”. He also cited how Jose Aldo approached McGregor in their tilt last December, which saw the latter end it in just 13 seconds. Sound advice.

UFC 196 aside, now it’s going to be very interesting to see what the UFC does with Diaz next. Chances are they’re going to capitalize on all the attention Diaz is getting these days and are going to book him for another huge fight. Robbie Lawler?


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