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Ortiz No Shows For Fight With UFC President Dana White

Today was supposed to be the hyped match between Tito Ortiz and UFC President Dana White however Ortiz decided not to show up for weigh-ins yesterday and the fight has been canceled, at least for now. Here’s the details from the Fight Network:

“On March 5, the NSAC had voted 3-1 to allow the exhibition bout. World-renowned boxing referee Jay Nady has been assigned to officiate, says NSAC Executive Keith Kizer; while the venue’s resident Octagon had been removed and replaced with a boxing ring for today’s event. Kizer had watched White spar one week ago and gave final approval that day. Both applicants had agreed to wear head gear and use standard 10 ounce gloves, says Kizer.

“I’m not going to recommend this bout to the Commission again,� Kizer said today. “I’m very surprised Mr. Ortiz didn’t show up without as much as a phone call. It was a waste of me and my staff’s time.�

Kizer says that White had told him he’d received a voicemail from Ortiz two days prior saying he would “let him off the hookâ€? but believed that to be pre-fight banter and that the bout was still on. Kizer says no disciplinary action will be pursued.”

It looks that this fight will not be made up and maybe its best. Just in case White would happen to rough Ortiz up I’d rather see Ortiz face off with Rashad Evans at UFC 72 rather than him get hurt taking on the UFC President. You probably will hear very little else regarding this story unless, for one reason or another, they decide to do it at a later date.

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