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Hamill Reacts to Bisping vs. Evans

Matt “the Hammer” Hamill is not impressed with the UFC’s recent decision to have Michael “the Count” Bisping face Rashad “Sugar” Evans in the main event at UFC 78: Validation. You see, Hamill has a score to settle with Bisping. The last time the two foes met in the octagon was at UFC 75, where Bisping defeated Hamill by a questionable split decision that sparked immediate controversy. It was expected that an immediate rematch between the two was necessary to determine the true winner. However, Hamill is disappointed to learn that the UFC had other plans; opting to go with Bisping versus Evans instead.

Hamill posted the following statement on his official website voicing his displeasure with both Bisping and the UFC’s handling of the situation:

Wow! Let me just say… I am in shock. First, I get hosed by two judges in London and now the much anticipated rematch has evaporated in front of my eyes. I’m starting to feel like the deck is stacked against me. Duff, my trainer/manager told me he thought something like this would happen when he read Bisping’s statement on the internet. He said it looked like Bisping was looking for a way out of the rematch. I posted a statement about my knee surgery on 9/25 so everyone would know it was minor, and I would be ready by mid December. I didn’t think six weeks was that long of a wait, apparently, Bisping and the UFC did. I am so hungry to fight. I had surgery to add wrestling back to my arsenal. I fought Bisping’s fight at UFC 75 and I was looking forward to fighting my fight in the rematch. I feel honored that so many people have told me I won the fight in London. It makes the decision easier for me to accept. I want to fight… I want to fight ASAP! Hopefully the UFC will schedule a fight for me soon. I would like to fight in December or January and hopefully Bisping after that… If Bisping has the guts to do it again.


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