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Rory MacDonald Believes GSP Could Return For “The Right Amount of Money”

Georges St. Pierre

We don’t really know if Georges St-Pierre will return to the cage, but according to Rory MacDonald, the former champ’s more likely to do so if he can make some serious cash.

Since GSP announced he was taking a hiatus from fighting back in 2013, there’s been a few pockets of time, where speculation he was about to return was rampant. Now is one one of those times…

In recent months, it’s been revealed that St-Pierre is training again, after recovering from another knee surgery. In addition, since GSP left the sport, the UFC has taken big steps to curb the use of performance enhancing drugs. This is something he said would need to take place, before launching a comeback.

Most recently, St-Pierre was at UFC 196, leading many to speculate that perhaps he’s in talks with UFC brass about a return. After all, UFC 200 is right around the corner.

Well, MacDonald recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and he was of course, asked about the possibility of a GSP comeback. Here is some of what the welterweight contender had to say about his friend and teammate (quotes via Bloody

“I really don’t know (if he’s coming back). He’s so secretive!” MacDonald said. “It’s hard to get a read on it, but he’s training and he’s doing good. I don’t know. I think it really comes down to numbers.”

“I think he could come back, if the right amount of money is on the table, if the right fight is there for him,” he said. “That’s my guess. But I try not to ask Georges about those stuff, because that’s pretty much what everyone wants to ask him.”

There you go, and really, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Although MacDonald doesn’t speak for GSP, chances are he would only come back if it was for a monster fight with a huge payday.¬†Particularly since the Canadian star’s¬†said he’s not interested in making another title run (although, obviously if he fought the champ Robbie Lawler that would be massive).


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