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Miesha Tate Defends Holly Holm’s Decision to Fight Her, Rather Than Wait For Ronda Rousey

Kelsey Mowatt

Miesha Tate

A lot of folks have been piling on Holly Holm and her team for electing to fight Miesha Tate, rather than waiting for Ronda Rousey, but the new champ is defending the bantamweight’s decision.

After Holm bombed out Rousey in November to take the 135 title, the UFC made it clear they wanted to book an immediate rematch for UFC 200 in July. Holm didn’t want to sit on the sidelines that long, however, and pushed to fight in the interim. At first, it looked like she was going to have to sit out, but after Rousey asked for more time off, the UFC booked Holm – Tate for UFC 196. As you know, thanks to a rear-naked-choke from Tate, Holm is no longer the champ…

Holm’s defeat prompted a lot of fans and observers to criticize her decision. The argument being that now she has lost out on what would have been a heeee-uge rematch with Rousey. UFC boss man Dana White was also critical of Holm’s management for going that route.

Well, recently Tate appeared on “The Fight Network“, and she defended Holm’s decision to face her, rather than sit out (quote via MMA

“I think Holly took the advice of her coaches who she trusts with everything,” said Tate. “They said, ‘Holly, you’ve always been an active fighter. Let’s not change who you are now that you’re the champion because that’s when you’re going to lose sight of who you are.’ I think the idea was to keep her grounded just the same as if she wasn’t the champion. Fighting often, through the top 10 and I admire that. I respect that. I think that’s what any champion should do. She didn’t want to wait. She wanted to get in there and prove why she was the best in the world.

Tate makes some good points. No question. It’s always easy to sit back, after the fact, and then blast someone’s decision. Holm did take a gamble, but you could say the same thing if she waited for Rousey as well. What if Rousey got injured later this year? Or what if she decided she needed more time off? Holm could have gone nearly a year without fighting, after scoring her biggest win to date.


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