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Jose Aldo Says UFC 196 Proved Conor McGregor’s a “Kitten When He’s Getting Beat Up”

Kelsey Mowatt

jose aldo

Although it looks like the UFC’s working on having Conor McGregor battle Nate Diaz one more time, it’s abundantly clear Jose Aldo won’t be pleased if the promotion goes that route.

Since Aldo was bombed out by McGregor in December, he’s been campaigning for a rematch with the featherweight champ. When it was announced that McGregor was going to face Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196, that didn’t change. So, not surprisingly, following McGregor’s loss to Nate Diaz earlier this month, Aldo has had plenty to say about his rival.

Case in point, recently the renowned fighter spoke to Esporte Espetacular, and here  is some of what Aldo relayed (quotes via MMA

“You will come back (to the featherweight division) with your tail between your legs after what happened, after that embarrassment…”

“He’s a lion when he’s attacking, but a kitten when he’s getting beat up,” Aldo added. “Everybody saw in his eyes that he’s just a p—- that quits when he’s getting beat up. That’s what we saw.”

There’s no doubt that McGregor had developed an air of invincibility with some folks, prior to UFC 196, and that it’s gone as a result of Mr. Diaz. But, chances are, unless you’re a huge McGregor hater, you don’t think he quit once the tide had turned on March 5th. He was tired, likely dazed, and paid dearly for a telegraphed shot.

But, when you consider McGregor started verbally trashing Aldo as soon as he arrived in the UFC, who was / is the greatest 145’er of all time, it’s not surprising to see the former champ revelling in his defeat. The question now is, if the UFC goes with McGregor – Diaz II, is Aldo still going to sit out?


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