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Fabricio Werdum Takes Aim at Conor McGregor Again: “He Becomes a Child on The Ground”

Kelsey Mowatt

Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Werdum has made it clear before that he’s not a big fan of Conor McGregor, and the heavyweight champ has taken more verbal shots at the latter, following his recent defeat.

Werdum has taken issue with some of the comments (insults) McGregor has thrown other fighter’s way, including Rafael dos Anjos, who is his teammate. McGregor also slammed Werdum for dropping out of a bout with Stipe Miocic in February, and that didn’t sit well with the champ.

Well, recently Werdum appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and it sounds like he’s pretty, pretty happy that Nate Diaz took McGregor out at UFC 196. Here is some of what “Vai Cavalo” had to say.

“Conor McGregor started well with his marketing, he talks a lot and is a great fighter, we can’t deny that, but I think he crossed the line. It’s too much now,” Werdum said. “He said he will fight anyone, but that’s not how things work in our world. Fighters have a code, a law, and you have to respect everybody…”

“Nate Diaz showed him that,” Werdum added later. “He talked a lot, moved up in weight and saw how heavy Nate Diaz’s hands are. When he needed to show up and fight, he lost. He was humbled. And Nate showed the way to beat him. He becomes a child on the ground.”

Yup. There’s a lot of fighters who like McGregor and appreciate the fact he’s brought millions of eyeballs to the sport, but there’s a lot who don’t care for him either. Especially the ones, and there are quite a few, who McGregor has trash talked.

Werdum is scheduled to fight Stipe Miocic at UFC 198 on May 14th. McGregor is expected to rematch Diaz at UFC 200 on July 9th.


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