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UFC 199: Luke Rockhold Promises to “Hurt” Chris Weidman, Responds to Latter’s Accusation He’s Cocky

Kelsey Mowatt

Luke Rockhold

Chris Weidman has said he doesn’t care for the way Luke Rockhold has been carrying himself since he won the middleweight title last December, but clearly, and not surprisingly, the champ sees it another way…

Leading up to their first fight at UFC 194, Rockhold and Weidman traded verbal shots, sure. But as they near their rematch at UFC 199 on June 4th, things have reached new heights.

Case in point, here is what Rockhold recently had to say about Weidman’s in store for at UFC 199, and the latter’s argument he’s cocky (quote via Bloody

“Chris calls me cocky, he was the one speaking about himself in the third person,” Rockhold said a recent media event. “Last time around saying that he couldn’t see himself losing to Luke Rockhold. Well guess what, I broke you, Chris. You did lose to Luke Rockhold, and that’s what happened. That’s what’s gonna happen again.”

“This time, I’m not gonna break you. I’m gonna hurt you, I’m gonna finish you, and it’s gonna be clean, it’s gonna be painless, you go back home.”

If Rockhold can finish Weidman for a second time, it will certainly kick the champ into a new stratosphere of MMA’s elite.


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