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UFC 199: Urijah Faber Argues Dominick Cruz is “Not Made For Battle”

Dominick Cruz

A third fight between Urijah Faber and Dominick Cruz is getting closer and closer, and not surprisingly, things between the rivals, well, they continue to be ‘unpleasant’.

The bantamweights will  throw down for a third time at UFC 199 on June 4th. As you probably know, Faber won their first encounter via submission in 2007. Cruz, however, won their 2011 rematch via unanimous decision.

Recently the two appeared on Colin Cowherd’s show, and once again, the two traded verbal jabs. In fact, that’s pretty much all they did. At one point, Faber had this to say about the champ Cruz (quote via MMA

“We started around the same time,” said Faber. “It’s been 13 years for me. It’s been 11 years for him. I have more than double the fights… You get notoriety when you fight. He deserves notoriety but he hasn’t been fighting. He’s not made for battle. His mind is made for battle. He’s got heart, he’s got those kind of things but his body is not.”

Ouch. Cruz, in his typical fashion, had a clever response for Faber, as he proceeded to argue:

“Let’s say my body isn’t built for battle. Okay. Then I’m just beating you not built for battle because of my brain. Okay. That’s fine. I’ll take that.”

Later on in the interview, Faber even argued that his former teammate, TJ Dillashaw, hasn’t physically looked the same since “USADA came in.” Wow. That’s quite the accusation to levy. Obviously that wound hasn’t healed.

All the talk aside, it’s going to be fascinating to see what goes down on June 4th. Since Faber is 36 year’s old, a loss would be a massive, massive setback for his UFC championship aspirations.


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