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Conor McGregor Tells UFC It’s “Your Move” in New Tweet

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

Dana White says the window has closed to have Conor McGregor rebooked for UFC 200, but it looks like the latter still believes a July 9th scrap with Nate Diaz can happen.

On Thursday, McGregor released a lengthy statement, confirming what White had said earlier in the week. The featherweight champ has been pulled from UFC 200 because he refused to attend mandatory, promotional obligations. In McGregor’s statement, however, he outlined why he’s taking this position. McGregor says he wants to focus on training for his rematch with Diaz, and believes he’s done his part in the past, to promote his fights and the UFC.

Well, since McGregor released the statement, it’s been pretty quiet on the UFC front. McGregor, however, recently tweeted out the following:

McGregor’s head coach, Straight Blast Gym’s John Kavanagh, also had this to say.

So, it remains to be seen what will happen. Can a compromise be reached? Whereby McGregor agrees to do some media events? But not all? Or is it truly a done deal as White’s said? Furthermore, how is this going to affect the UFC’s relationship with McGregor moving forward? One would think the UFC will want him to extensively promote future bouts as well right?

By the way, UFC 197 is going down tomorrow…




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