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UFC 199: Dominick Cruz Says Urijah Faber is “Showing His True Colors” in Beef With TJ Dillashaw

Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber continue to sling verbal shots as their rubber match approaches, but it’s been the latter’s recent comments about TJ Dillashaw, which have the bantamweight champ fired up.

The Cruz – Faber rivalry goes all the way back to 2007, when the latter submitted the “Dominator” in their first encounter. Since then, Cruz has done nothing but win and has become the greatest 135’er on the planet. He also decisioned Faber in their 2011 rematch.

Now the rivals are booked to fight for a third time at UFC 199 on June 4th. In some recent interviews, Faber has insinuated that Cruz must have been using PEDs, since according to Faber, his physique looks different now that USADA is random testing. Faber has also hinted that he thinks the same thing about his former buddy and teammate, Dillashaw.

Recently Cruz appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and the champ said he isn’t bothered by the accusations Faber has sent his way. But, when asked to comment on Faber’s comments about Dillashaw, Cruz said the following (quote via MMA

“Faber is showing his true colors,” Cruz said. “He has no professionalism. No loyalty. Before he said anything about me, he attacked Dillashaw on The Herd show and tried to deny it and say he didn’t. But, it’s like he’s trying to destroy Dillashaw’s career, and this is somebody who is supposed to be his family, his best friend. They were brothers at one point. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of Dillashaw. He’s got his own things. That’s needless to say, you can see in our last fight build-up that he’s not my favorite person either. But he does mentor kids in wrestling and he does do stuff, and his own best friend is accusing him of using PEDs. It’s like, what are you doing?”

Whether you agree with what Faber’s been saying or not, there’s no doubt that this situation has gotten really, really nasty. Fight week for UFC 199, and the fight itself, should be pretty interesting.

UFC 199 will be hosted by the Forum in Los Angeles.


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