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UFC 200: Dana White Says Conor McGregor “Knew What The Deal Was”

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

A press conference for UFC 200 was held today in New York City, and as expected, Mr. Conor McGregor was not in attendance. So was UFC President Dana White asked more questions about the fact McGregor is no longer fighting at the July 9th event? Does Mark Hunt punch hard?

Yes, although it’s been several days now since the McGregor – Nate Diaz II bout was pulled from UFC 200, White was, not surprisingly, asked about the Irish star. As you know, McGregor has been moved from the event, after he refused to attend all the promotional appearances the UFC had planned for it.

At one point, White was asked whether the UFC decided to pull McGregor from a rematch with Diaz, in order to save the featherweight champ’s “brand”. The argument being that McGregor will lose once again to the Stockton fighter.

Here is some of what White had to say (quote via MMA

“This is what we do,” White said. “This is how it works. I didn’t prevent him from fighting at UFC 200. He knew what the deal was. I told him what the deal is, and he opted to (skip the press conference).

“Conor asked to fight Nate Diaz. Conor wants to fight Nate Diaz. … Conor doesn’t back down from fights, man. One of the things that’s made Conor popular and as big as he is is this dude wants to fight. This guy comes to fight, and he comes out guns blazing. Conor is fun. Conor is a stud. I have a lot of respect for Conor. Conor and I just had a – you have to show up and do the PR. You have to.”

There you go. Once again, White had nothing negative to say about McGregor. You really have to wonder, however, if things are so cordial behind the scenes. White also said that McGregor could be booked for UFC 201, 200, etc, but it will be interesting to see moving forward, whether this issue of promoting cards comes up again. As long as McGregor’s a big star, the UFC is going to want him out there, moving tickets and PPV buys.

UFC 200 will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. In the new main event, Daniel Cormier will battle Jon Jones for a second time.


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