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Frankie Edgar’s Coach Explains Why Conor McGregor Would be Good at Clearing “Landmines”….

Kelsey Mowatt

Frankie Edgar

Now that Conor McGregor has finally been defeated in the Octagon, there’s been less talk about the fact he hasn’t faced many of the UFC’s most notable, featherweight wrestlers. But one of Frankie Edgar’s coaches is raising that issue once again.

It wasn’t long ago that many folks around the MMA world were debating whether Conor McGregor was somewhat fortunate, in terms of the path he received to the featherweight title. According to some, McGregor wasn’t fully vetted, because the only accomplished wrestler he fought was Chad Mendes, and that was after the latter agreed to a short notice bout.

McGregor boosters, however, argued that the dynamic striker faced Mendes after a camp where he was unable to do much wrestling, because of a knee injury. So, according to them, McGregor sort of proved he can take on and defeat wrestlers.

Well, recently Edgar’s boxing coach, Mark Henry, appeared on MMA Radio. While doing so, Henry took the following poke at the featherweight champ (quote via MMA

“I don’t know if Conor’s taken that route. In the military, I think it would be a good job for Conor (clearing) landmines. Somehow he missed (Darren) Elkins, somehow he missed (Clay) Guida, somehow he missed (Dennis) Bermudez, somehow he missed (Ricardo) Lamas, somehow he missed (Chad) Mendes with a full camp. Somehow he missed Frankie.”

It’s a valid point, and you do have to wonder how McGregor would do against some of the men Henry mentioned. Now sure, McGregor can bomb like nobody’s business at 145, so, he very well could defeat some (many?) of the contenders listed above. But, his fight against Diaz, certainly didn’t muzzle critics who have questioned whether McGregor can hang with top level grapplers on the floor.

McGregor aside, Edgar is booked to fight Jose Aldo for the interim featherweight title on July 9th.


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