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Gunnar Nelson Thinks Conor McGregor “Doesn’t Want” to Make Cut to 145 Anymore

Kelsey Mowatt

Conor McGregor

Recently Conor McGregor said he’s looking forward to defending the UFC’s featherweight title later this year, but Gunnar Nelson doesn’t see many more bouts at 145 for his teammate.

In a recent run on Twitter, McGregor argued things will be different if and when he fights Nate Diaz again at 170 pounds. The brash fighter also said, however, that he plans to defend the featherweight title before the year is out.

When McGregor was initially booked to fight Diaz again on July 9th (the fight has since, as you surely know been pulled), UFC boss man Dana White insisted the Irish star would fight at 145 again. But, since it’s no secret that McGregor has to cut a lot of weight to make 145, many observers and fighters have questioned whether he’ll return to the division.

Well, recently Nelson appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and he had this to say about McGregor’s future (quote via MMA

“It’s really just up to him, whatever he wants to do,” Nelson said. “I think that 145 is…I know he can go back down and defend his title, no problem. But I just think he doesn’t want to do that cut again. It’s a nasty one, and I agree with him. I understand that. So I think maybe I would like to see him going to the 155 before going all the way up to the welterweight. But you know, he can do whatever he feels like.”

As this is being written, we don’t know when and who McGregor will fight next. So, until that happens, it’s hard to say whether McGregor will in fact fight at 145 one more time. Perhaps he’ll face the winner of Jose Aldo – Frankie Edgar II and call it a wrap on 145? It certainly doesn’t sound he’ll be fighting at featherweight over the longer term future.


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