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Miesha Tate Says She Has no “Hard Feelings” Towards Conor McGregor

Miesha Tate

Following recent statements from Miesha Tate, where she disagreed with Conor McGregor’s stance regarding the promotional schedule for UFC 200, the bantamweight champ has clarified her comments.

After McGregor informed the UFC that he would not attend all the media obligations the promotion had planned for UFC 200, the company pulled his rematch with Nate Diaz from the card. Since Tate is scheduled to fight Amanda Nunes at the event, and because she was at the presser that McGregor didn’t attend, she was asked to weigh-in on the situation.

Tate noted that all fighters are contractually obligated to promote events, and she also reported that because of McGregor’s decision, she and other fighters had to alter their training schedule to re-shoot promos. Well, apparently her comments drew the ire of McGregor boosters, or other fans, as Tate recently reported on her podcast that she’s been taking some heat for saying that…According to a follow up report from MMA, Tate also said this about the Irish star:

“Let me get this straight. I am a fan of Conor McGregor. I think he has an awesome fighting style and he markets himself so uniquely, you can’t discredit that. He does a phenomenal job, everyone loves to watch him fight and that’s myself included. But I think that Dana [White] is 100% right in saying, ‘hey if you’re not going to show up to do your part of the job then there’s going to be consequences.’…

“And it wasn’t just me, it was all of us,” Tated added later. “But I’m outspoken. I have a freakin’ mouth that I can’t control sometimes and I just say how I really feel. I’m pretty transparent. But I’m not one-sided either. That doesn’t mean I have any hard feelings towards Conor. That doesn’t mean that I hate the guy or that I’m not a fan of his, absolutely not, but I’m going to say how I feel.”

The rift has sparked an interesting debate throughout MMA, no question. On one hand, you have people noting that McGregor has made the UFC a ridiculous amount of money, so, really, the promotion could have given him a pass. Then you have another camp, who believes McGregor shouldn’t be granted any exceptions, just because he’s a big star. Furthermore, his stance inconvenienced others, like Tate.

Here’s hoping McGregor’s next bout gets booked soon.

UFC 200 will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena on July 9th in Las Vegas.


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