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Dana White Says No “Concrete” Deal in Place for PRIDE

Going against what every major and minor MMA media outlet has been reporting, Dana White told last night that no “concrete” deal is in place for Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta to purchase Pride. Here’s part of what he had to say:

When questioned about reports claiming PRIDE president Nobuyuki Sakakibara had informed his American staff that PRIDE was in the process of selling to the Fertittas, White quipped: “I ran Wanderlei Silva out there and said he was going to fight Chuck Liddell because Mr. Sakakibara said it was done. So take that for what its worth.”

White was adamant about the lack of a deal despite the flurry of reports claiming an agreement had been reached.

“Like most things,” he said, “about 70 percent of what you hear is bullshit.”

Obviously this may be the truth and there is in fact no deal in place or White is showing his mastery of the English language and is thowing in vague adjectives to throw us all off. Notice White called it a concrete deal and by all accounts we are far from a concrete deal with some things still needing ironed out and biggest of all both sides ultimately coming to an agreement benefitting both.

Given all of the news we’ve been hearing, I still feel a deal is imminent but hope we learn some more solid news one way or the other before the end of this week.

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