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UFC 198: Stipe Miocic Talks Fabricio Werdum, Says Champ Has “a Lot of Holes” in His Game

Kelsey Mowatt

Stipe Miocic

Fabicio Werdum has violently demonstrated on several occasions that he can finish fights standing and on the ground, but Stipe Miocic says he and his team have spotted a “lot of holes” in the champ’s game.

Miocic has been tapped to fight the heavyweight champion this Saturday at UFC 198, which will take place in Curitiba, Brazil. Miocic was awarded the title shot after he quickly put away Andrei Arlovski in January.

Recently the America heavyweight appeared on “UFC  Tonight” and Miocic was asked how he plans to defeat Werdum. Here is some of what Miocic had to say (quotes via FOX Sports press release):

Everyone has holes. I’m not going to say anything now, maybe he’s watching. We watched a lot of tape and saw a lot of holes.”

 It’s true that every fighter, even the best, have some holes in their game. But a lot of holes? Miocic will have the chance to prove it on Saturday. The Ohio fighter was also asked if he plans to utilize his wrestling against Werdum, who as we know, has a ridiculously dangerous guard. Miocic said the following:

“I’m going to do what I want to do. If he wants to go to the ground, that’s fine. I’m a wrestler. I’m going to be smart. Wherever it goes it goes, but I’m going to dictate where I want it to go.”

It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens. Chances are Miocic won’t be looking for a TD unless he gets into trouble standing, or if it’s later in the fight. Then again, maybe he’ll throw a curve ball and shoot a double in the opening round…


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